Postback Notification Codes

E002Encoding of MMS audio failed.
E003Encoding of MMS video failed.
E011Encoding of mobile video failed.
E012Encoding of MMS audio failed.
E013Encoding of MMS video failed.
E101Error occured. Impossible to send MMS.
E102Error occured. MMS Delivery was not successful.
E201Error occured. Impossible to send SMS.
E202Error occured. SMS Delivery was not successful.
E501Error occured. Impossible to send DDM Message.
E502Error occured. DDM Delivery was not successful.
E999Post Message Sending Que Processing Errors.
N003Content was stored / encoded correctly.
N013Content was stored / encoded correctly and sending was triggered.
N101Notification that MMS is sending.
N102Notification that MMS delivery status has changed.
N103Notification that MMS is sent but expired.
N201SMS Message Sent.
N202SMS Delivered Successfully.
N211SMS MO received.
N301Number subscribed.
N302Number unsubscribed.
N303Email subscribed.
N304Email unsubscribed.
N401MMS MO received successfully.
N501Notification that Device Discovery Message is sending.
N502Notification that Device Discovery Message delivery status has changed.
N801Pass was generated succesfully.
N802Some error occurred. Pass generation failed.
N803Maximum limit for pass generation reached.
N811User Account do not have enough credits to generate the pass.