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We enable forward thinking businesses to communicate with their customers using rich interactive mobile messaging.

Mobile Messaging Platform and Digital Marketing Services

Interactive messaging tools for conversational commerce

Text message marketing is a powerful and cost effective way to engage customers. Businesses need the ability to have engaging conversations with their customers using rich media mobile messaging technologies that have an immediate influence on their purchasing behavior. To do this, businesses are sending images, contact cards, wallet objects, calendars and videos through our platform to their customers.  We offer online tools and an API for rich media message creation, content hosting, message flow templates, content optimization and messaging reports.

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Text Message Marketing 2-Way Conversation
Mobile Wallet Marketing

Design and deliver digital cards to mobile wallets

Mobile wallets will become one of the major customer engagement and communication channels of the near future. Mobile wallets are pre-installed on all new mobile devices. There is an opportunity to both engage with consumers inside their mobile wallet and to transact with them. We help businesses create and deliver mobile wallet objects (such as digital coupons and tickets) to their customers phones. We also provide the tools and APIs to update these cards with new offers.

Generate Mobile Wallet Passes
Send Digital Cards
Analyze Pass Data
Update Delivered Digital Passes
Use Geofencing to activate card notifications

Generate personalized images or personalized videos

Personalized image and video content are new ways for businesses to engage customers. Our barcode image generator can turn any images or videos into scannable transactional media. Businesses can add customized text to images and videos to personalize coupon codes, names, discounts, locations and more.   Our platform lets businesses quickly design the personalized content and then merge it with their CRM data. One great thing about barcoded image files is that they can be delivered, viewed, and saved to any phone without issue.

Sending Personalized Images
Personalized Images
Sending Personalized Videos
Personalized Videos
Personalized Images and Personalized Video


There are countless ways to use mobile messaging to engage your customers. Check out a few solutions we provide.



Texting is the most cost effective way to engage your customers. Contact us for high volume or international pricing.

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