Engage Customers with Rich Text Messaging Experiences

Businesses use our platform to interact with their customers through text messaging with rich media.

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Skycores Mobile Messaging Platform
Text Message Marketing 2-Way Conversation

Text message marketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to engage with customers. Certainly, our messaging platform enables you to make an immediate impact on your customers’ journey by sending pictures, video, animated gifs, vCards, iCals, and more. Likewise, you can also send transactional messages with barcodes, such as tickets, coupons, or receipts through our messaging API.

Use our web based messaging tools to:

Schedule mass text messaging campaigns
Set up keywords for your customers to text you
Trigger automatic text message responses
Create SMS polls, surveys, and FAQs, and collect customer data
Manage subscriber lists and permissions
Import & export your lists and reports
Create content templates with the MMS Composer

Market through Text Messaging

Businesses engage with customers and transact with them through mobile wallet. First, our mobile wallet technology supports both Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Furthermore, we provide online tools to manage mobile wallet cards and an API to generate and update the cards. Hence, it enables businesses to design mobile wallet objects, such as digital coupons and tickets. and deliver them to your customers’ phones through messaging channels.


Text Messages
Mobile Apps
Landing Pages

Mobile Wallet Marketing
Personalized Images and Personalized Video

Sending personalized images and videos is an excellent way to enhance customer experience. First of all, businesses can add customized text to images or videos to personalize their messaging. Also, they can create transactional messages, such as tickets, coupons, promo codes, receipts, and more. Our message personalization platform enables businesses to quickly design personalized content templates. Even more, we can merge them with their customer data or transactional data. Finally, our personalized messaging technology can also turn any image or video into scannable transactional media by embedding a barcode.


Save and view images and videos on any phone
Deliver images and videos to any phone
Share images and videos with any phone
Brand the images and videos any way you want to
Images and videos are displayed the same on all operating systems



There are countless ways to use mobile messaging to engage with your customers. Check out a few solutions we provide.

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