Business Text Messaging Software

Send text, image and video messages to your customers or issue them coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, or tickets that they can store in their mobile wallet.

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Skycores Mobile Messaging Platform


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Text Message Marketing 2-Way Conversation

Text Message Marketing

Acquire, retain, and engage customers by sending them text messages with pictures, video, text, hyperlinks, animated gifs, contacts, calendars, and more. We provide an API to deliver transactional SMS or rich media MMS as well as online reporting and campaign management tools.

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Mobile Wallet Platform

Issue personalized mobile wallet Passes to your customers through SMS, MMS, Web, QR code or email.  Pass types include coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards, event tickets, and boarding passes. Once installed, we enable you to send notifications to your customers Wallet App with updates, offers or new information.  We provide an API for direct integration as well as an online pass designer and data management tool for your marketing and support teams.

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