Online text message marketing software to create and deliver rich messaging promotions and automate text conversations with your customers.


Text Message Promotions and Conversations with Text, Pictures, and Videos

We offer SMS & MMS messaging APIs as well as campaign management tools for opt-in consent management, message content hosting, message scheduling, and campaign reporting.

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Build the relationships that help build your brand.

Quickly deliver messages, deals, images, or videos to your customers phones text message inbox. Practically everyone who owns a phone knows how to send and receive text messages. It requires no training or an app download to work. More than 95% of text messages are opened within minutes of being received. Mobile has become the best way to connect with your customers.


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Generate and Deliver Digital Cards to Mobile Wallets

Design, personalize and deliver coupons, tickets, membership, loyalty, gift and ID cards to popular mobile wallets. We provide an API and user interface to generate and deliver digital cards to both iOS and Android devices.

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Customer’s expect your offers to work in their mobile wallet. Is your brand ready?

As people upgrade their phones every 2 years, shifts in consumer behavior happen fast. The use of mobile wallets for storing and redeeming offers are growing as mobile payments become more and more ubiquitous. Our platform makes delivering mobile wallet experiences to customers easier than ever.


Landing Page Designer & Form Builder

Design landing pages with images, videos, pdfs, and mobile wallet objects such as coupons. Landing pages can also host your opt-in forms, lead generation forms as well as other information you want to display for your post-click customer engagement strategy.

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Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Understanding your audience allows you to deliver personalized messages to each customer and respond to them individually. Creating a personalized chat experience for each customer ensures a more positive response as well as increased interest in your brand.