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Enhance your customer engagement efforts by sending text, image, and video messages to your customers. We provide APIs to trigger SMS or MMS, online reporting, and campaign management tools.

Skycores Mobile Messaging Platform

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Text Message Marketing 2-Way Conversation

Improve Customer Engagement using our Powerful Text Message Marketing Software

Engage with customers by sending them text messages containing pictures, video, text, hyperlinks, animated gifs, contacts, calendars, and more.

Text messaging

SMS Campaign Management Tools

Text Message Marketing 2-Way Conversation

Send SMS Notifications to Customers & Employees with our Service Messaging Platform

Send service related messages to customers and employees. Service messages can be scheduled ahead of time or sent automatically through APIs.

  • SMS Emergency Notifications
  • SMS Purchase Receipts
  • SMS Confirmation Numbers

  • SMS Reminder Messages


Automate the Conversation with our Text Messaging API


Our SMS API enables businesses to trigger text messages automatically. Use our SMS API to send a standard text message that may contain personalized information, such as the recipient’s name.


Our MMS API enables businesses to trigger picture or video messages automatically. Use our MMS API to send personalized pictures, videos, gifs, and more.

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