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Knowledge Base

Messaging Platform Introduction

Messaging Platform Overview

Send various types of messages to your list of customers, employees, or subscribers. Choose any type of content from texts, links, pictures, videos, animated gifs, vCards, iCals. Then, easily acquire, retain, and engage with your list by delivering bulk messages.

Messaging Campaign

Create and manage SMS/MMS campaigns. Directly reach your list with engaging messages.

Learn more about Messaging Campaigns here.

Message Scheduling

Choose a specific date, time, and type of messages to send. Easily schedule your message blast and view your delivery status.

Learn more about Message Scheduling here.

Message Auto-Responses

Set up auto-responses to deliver to subscribers before or after they opt-in to your campaign.

Learn more about Auto-Responses here.

Keywords and Shortcodes

Keyword: Unique alphanumeric word that can be used to trigger opt-in, opt-out, or auto-responses when texted to a specific shortcode.

Shortcode: Five or Six digit number that consumers can text to and receive messages from. Skycore offers dedicated shortcode and TFN (Toll-Free Numbers).

Learn more about Keywords and Shortcodes here.

Opt-In Lists and Opt-In Manager

Create and manage your lists of subscribers. Update your list by adding numbers, importing CSV files, opting out, and removing subscribers. Use the Audience Manager Tab in the Messaging campaign to manage all of your audience lists. Also, we display all phone numbers that opted-out from your campaign in the Opt-out list.

MMS Composer and MMS Template

Use MMS Composer to create your multimedia content with thousands of characters of texts, images, videos, audio files, vCards, iCals, and more. Click here to learn about the best practices for preparing MMS content. MMS Template is the saved content that you create with the MMS Composer. The MMS Template page lists all of your saved templates.

SMS Data Collection

Create and send either multiple-choice or open-ended questions to subscribers. Collect their responses and view data. You can trigger SMS questions as auto-response or scheduled messages.

Learn more about SMS Data Collection here.

Message History

The Message history page displays message type, shortcode, phone numbers, date/time of delivery, and the status of delivery of your sent and received messages.

Learn more about Message History here.

Additional Helpful Resources

Account Settings

The Account settings contain general information about your account, including branding information, invoice information, and export files that you can download when you have exported a list from within the platform. In order to access the Account settings, click on ‘Settings’ on the top right corner. You will then be redirected to the Account Info section of the Account settings. You can navigate to other sections of the Account settings on the left side of the page.

Account Info

The Account Info section holds all the account’s general information.

Account NameThe username of the account.
Account DomainThe domain name for the account. If MMS content is delivered by SMS as a fallback, then this will be the domain used for the fallback link which will contain the MMS content.
Country / TimezoneSelect the country and timezone for your account. Your scheduled messages and reports will be based on your account timezone.
CSV Data RetentionSet the number of days that you want the system to retain your import and export data. After the duration, we will automatically delete the data.

Once you are done, click the “Update” button to update your settings. Also on the bottom right corner of the page are two links:

  • Downgrade to Free Trial: If you are on an upgraded plan, this link will appear. Clicking this link will downgrade your account’s current plan to the free trial plan. Note that you can upgrade again at any time by contacting your account manager.
  • Delete This Account: Deleting your account will:
    • Cancel all scheduled messages.
    • Remove any credit card information.
    • Prevent new messages from being scheduled or delivered.
    • Block viewing of your landing pages.
    • Leave the audience, content, and campaign data intact. You will need to delete these manually.

Note that if you delete your account, you will be able to resume service anytime by logging in and selecting a messaging plan. Your message history will be archived for FCC compliance audits. If you have a remaining net balance on your account your credit card will be charged the balance before the card info is deleted.

Brand Info

The Brand Info section displays the branding information of the account. The brand info may be used to identify you when sending messages on your behalf. You may only have one brand per account. Changes made here will affect all running campaigns in this account. The brand name is required.

Brand Info

Invoice Info

The Invoice Info section displays the name and address of the company for which the invoice will be sent to. A purchase order or reference number can also be provided and will be included in the invoice if added.

CSV Exports

The CSV Exports section lists all the files that have been exported within the platform. Such files may include your subscribed/unsubscribed audience members, messaging/email history, Wallet data, etc.

CSV Exports
File NameThe name of the export file.
Export TypeThe type of export, such as audience members, history, pass data, etc.
StatusWhen you export a file, it may take some time to generate the file. The ‘Generating’ status will be displayed in this case. Once it is done, the ‘Completed’ status will be displayed afterward.
Date GeneratedThe date in which the export file is generated completely.
DownloadWhen the export file is generated completely, a download link will appear. You can click the link to download the export file.
[X]Select the checkbox for the export file you wish to delete and click the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of the page.


The Billing settings contain general information on the account’s current plan along with other available plans, billing cycle, credit card, invoice, and payment information. In order to access the Billing settings, click on ‘Settings’ on the top right corner. On the left side of the page, there are several sections for the Billing settings.

Current Plan

The Current Plan section displays the current plan of the account along with a description of the plan.

The Current Plan section displays the current plan of the account along with a description of the plan.

SMS KeywordsThe total number of keywords allowed in the plan. An SMS keyword is a unique alphanumeric word which, when text messaged to a short code, can be set to trigger opt-ins or opt-outs to a campaign or to trigger automatic responses text.
CSV Import SubscriberDisplay whether the plan supports CSV imports for email addresses and phone numbers of users who have opted-in from a source outside of the platform.

Billing Cycle

Account TypeThe account type of the account. The account type determines which features and plans users have access to.
Billing TypeThe billing type of the account. Billing can be done by credit card or invoice.
FrequencyThe frequency of the billing cycle.
Current PlanThe current plan of the account.
Next Bill DateThe date for the next bill.
Monthly FeeThe current plan’s monthly fee.
Net BalanceThe net balance of the account.

Credit Card Info

The Credit Card Info section displays your credit card information if you had previously added a credit card. If not, you can add your credit card by providing your credit card information and billing address.

Note that your credit card will be automatically charged your outstanding net balance at the beginning of each billing cycle. If you have an outstanding net balance you will be given the opportunity in the next step to pay “all” or “a portion” of the outstanding net balance. Failure to pay your outstanding balance will result in automatic account suspension.


The Invoices section displays your outstanding balance and all of your invoices. Here you can make a payment if you have a credit card on file.

Invoice NumberThe invoice ID that is generated by our system and is used to reference a particular invoice.
StatusDisplays whether the invoice is valid or invalid.
Invoice AmountThe total amount for the invoice.
Billing CycleThe billing cycle for the invoice.
DownloadThe download link which you can click to download the invoice PDF. The invoice PDF will display the total amount due and break down the pricing for each invoice item.

Each plan will display the price per month and the price for sending/receiving SMS and MMS, generating/updating Passbook Passes, and generating dynamic images.

To view the pricing for a specific country, you can enter the name of the country in the ‘Show SMS/MMS Pricing for:’ search box at the top of the plans. Or you can select the ‘View Global SMS Pricing’ for each plan to view the SMS/MMS pricing for each country.

Check the FAQs and benefits of paid plans on the bottom of the Change Plans page for more information.


The Payment section displays the payment history of the account.

Date PaidThe date of the payment.
Payment MethodThe method of payment, such as credit card, etc.
ReferenceA reference for the payment, such as credit card number, etc.
AmountAdditionally, you can filter the payment search by year.

Additionally, you can filter the payment search by year.

Billing FAQs

What are my billing options?

There are two billing methods: credit card billing and invoice billing. When an account’s billing method is set to credit card billing, the account will automatically be charged the balance at the beginning of each month. When an account’s billing method is set to invoice billing, we will send an invoice on a monthly basis. The account holder will pay their payments each month, usually by check or wire payment within 30 days or risk the account being suspended. Only larger monthly commitments are eligible for Invoice billing.

What is my plan? How do I change it?

When you select a plan, you are picking a set of features and the pricing structure for transactions. Each plan has a monthly fee which gives you access to those features as well as transaction fees for certain actions (e.g. sending MMS, sending SMS, generating a Pass). You can change or upgrade your plan by going to the Change Plans section and selecting a new plan. Your account will be changed immediately and you will be charged the new plan rate. To request a pro-rated refund, please contact us.

How do I end my current plan?

In the Account settings, go to the Account Info section and click the ‘Downgrade to Free Trial’ link at the bottom right corner of the page. This will downgrade your account to the free trial plan as well as stop any scheduled campaigns. You will also lose any keyword you have been assigned. Note that you can upgrade again at any time by contacting your account manager.

What are my billing options?

The Invoices section displays your outstanding balance and all your invoices. Here you can make a payment if you have a credit card on file.

How do I make a payment?

If you currently have a credit card on file, you can make a payment by going to the Invoices section and click the ‘Make a Payment’ button. If you do not have a credit card on file, go to the ‘Credit Card Info’ section and add one.

When is my credit card charged?

Credit card billing is used for automatic monthly account payments. The credit card we have on file will be charged on the first day of your plan’s billing cycle. Your billing period begins when you select a plan. At the end of the month, your credit card will be charged for any overage you may incur along with the next month’s plan.

Are there any costs to end-users?

There are no additional costs to end-users other than what they normally pay their carrier for data and messaging.

What will happen to my account if I do not pay?

Your account may be suspended and the account’s current plan may be switched back to the free trial plan.

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