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10 Digit Number

10DLC or TFN

Account Fee


per account

Number Fee


per number

Plan Details:

10DLC or TFN lease included.
$50 Registration & setup fee per number.

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Short Code

5 or 6 digit

Account Fee


per account

Number Fee


per number

Plan Details:

Short Code lease not included. Details
$750 Carrier provisioning fee per number.

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Transaction Fees


10 Digit Number Plan

Short Code Plan

SMS Messaging (?)
*Includes carrier passthrough fees.

$0.02/SMS US
$0.02/SMS CA

$0.01/SMS US
$0.02/SMS CA

MMS Messaging (?)
*Includes carrier passthrough fees.

$0.04/MMS US
$0.04/MMS CA

$0.03/MMS US
$0.04/MMS CA

Automations (?)



Personalized Images (?)



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

Each monthly billing period, you are invoiced in the beginning of the monthly cycle, and will be charged for the monthly plan, your numbers and short codes, as well as any transaction fees from the prior monthly cycle not included in the plan.

How does cancellation work?

If you have a contract or order form, your cancellation terms will be defined in your agreement. You can contact us by email anytime to give notice of cancellation. Your cancellation date will be subject to the agreed upon notice period and will be effective at the end of that monthly cycle. For monthly plans, typically we require 30 days prior notice of cancellation. For annual plans, typically we require 30 days notice of your annual renewal but may be 90 days prior notice if we are paying for your quarterly short code lease.

Can I pay for your service month-to-month?

10DLC and TFN service may be purchased on a month to month basis without a long term commitment but setup fees will apply to re-activations.  For shortcodes, we require an annual commitment if we are paying to leasing your short code from the registry or if you have negotiated special messaging rates, message throughput or require custom connectivity with us. If you elect to prepay for your short code lease fees in advance, we may offer you an option to cancel your short code service with us by giving 30 days advance notice. You are always free to take your numbers to a new vendor if they support the transfer.  Contact us for other options.

How do I set up a shortcode?

Skycore can lease a short code for you or you can lease one yourself through If you choose a random short code, the monthly lease fee is $500. If you choose a vanity short code, the monthly lease fee is $1,000. To provision and activate a short code there is a one-time setup fee of $750 per short code charged by each mobile network operator. Together, we must file a campaign brief with each carrier to activate the short code after the number is leased.

Can I migrate an existing shortcode to Skycore?

If you have an existing shortcode, you can migrate it to Skycore. Skycore will provide a shortcode migration form for you to fill out to determine if the migration will require migrating connectivity or updating your campaign brief.

Can I migrate a shortcode away from Skycore?

Yes, any shortcode you provisioned with Skycore can be moved to a different messaging service provider. We do not believe in vendor lock-in and will help with your migration if you are not satisfied with our services.

How do 10DLC’s work?

A long code (10 digit number or 10DLC) enables you to trigger Messaging Events over regular 10 digit phone numbers. You are required to register your brand and use case to obtain a risk score and get the number approved and provisioned. The risk score will determine how many messages the number can send per day and how fast. 10DLC are lightly filtered by mobile network operators for spam and will be blocked without notice if a business violates their use case or receives spam complaints. The rules around 10DLC are subject to change by the mobile network operators. Skycore will register your brand and campaign for you ($50 setup fee). If you are using a 10 DLC for a political campaign, your campaign needs to be vetted through a third party called Campaign Verify. Campaign Verify is a $95 fee and verification is valid for 2 years.

How do TFNs work?

A Toll Free Number (TFN) enables you to deliver messages over a messaging enabled toll free number dedicated to the Client. TFN numbers are approved for application to person messaging just like 10DLC’s. . Toll Free numbers are filtered for SPAM and will be blocked without warning if SPAM is detected. The rules around TFNs are subject to change. Skycore needs to submit a campaign brief on your behalf to get the TFN use case approved and your message content and URLs white listed on the SPAM filter. This incurs a $50 setup fee.

What payment options are available?

We accept Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) payments for all account plans. We accept Wire Transfer, ACH, Check(US banks only) with NET 30 terms for accounts with regular invoices of $500/month and above. If you require custom terms, contact us.

Can I use your service in other countries?

Contact us for global service and delivery options. Every country has different messaging rates, limitations and requirements

Can I import my existing customers?

You can import your existing opt-in customer list if you have their express written consent to receive text messages from your company. You can import your employees’ phone numbers and contact info as long as they are still employed, have not opted-out of text messages from you, and the messages you send are not marketing related.

Can I export my data?

Yes. You can export your data in a CSV file format. This includes your opt-in lists, unsubscribe lists and messaging history.

Who owns the data generated?

You own all of the data you import and generate through the platform. When you cancel your account, we delete all of your data other than certain meta data for regulatory compliance purposes.