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Knowledge Base

Message Auto-Responses

Manage your auto-responses for a messaging campaign. An auto-response is a message that is set to automatically be delivered to subscribers before or after they opt into a campaign.

Auto Responses 1
Auto Responses 2

Schedule an Auto-response

Auto-response setup: before opt-inSet the auto-response to trigger before opt-in. This will send the auto-response to a phone number that is opting into the campaign.
Auto-response setup: after opt-inSet the auto-response to trigger after opt-in with a set timer. Setting the timer to 0 minutes will trigger an auto-response immediately after the phone number successfully opts-in to the campaign.
Auto-response setup: recurringSet the auto-response to trigger on a recurring basis. After opt-in, the subscribers will receive the same auto-response message based on the selected time and days of the week until they opt-out of the campaign.
Message TypeSelect whether to send MMS or SMS auto-response.
Data CollectionOptionally include a data collection question in the messages. Note that the data collection question text will be hidden in MMS messages. We recommend that MMS content, such as an image, asks the question.
Select MMS TemplateIf MMS is selected, select an MMS template that has been created in the platform.
SMS TextIf SMS is selected, enter text in the auto-response. Dynamic merge tags may be entered into the message. See FAQs below for more information on dynamic merge tags.
Click TrackingEnable this feature to replace all the links in the text slide with tracking enabled short links.

View Auto-responses

Once you set up your scheduled auto-responses, the auto-responses will be added to the scheduled auto-response list. The following information will be displayed:

MessageA preview of the auto-response can be viewed by selecting the message. The edit link will allow you to adjust the auto-response settings, such as changing the data collection question or making it active/inactive. The message for an SMS auto-responder can be edited.
TypeThe type will identify if the message is an SMS or an MMS.
ScheduleThe set time that the auto-response will be triggered following an opt-in.
StatusThe status can be set to active or inactive. When inactive, the auto-response will not be triggered.
ReportThe report link provides individual data of subscribers, their devices, and the message delivery statuses.
StatsThe stats link will provide all available sending and carrier stats for each auto-response message sent.

Auto-responses FAQs

Can I dynamically insert a name and other information into an auto-response?

Yes, you can by using dynamic merge tags. Dynamic merge tags are tags in text that can be replaced with subscriber personal data prior to the delivery of your message.

Dynamic merge tags follow the format {$variable|default value}. When you import recipients into a campaign, you can map the personal data using personal tags that you have created. Then you would simply replace the $variable with your tag in your SMS/MMS message body and our system will replace the tag with the personal data before the message delivery.

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