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Knowledge Base

Status & Error Codes

MMS Message Statuses

The following table lists the responses returned with delivery reports.

StatusStatus textDescription
DeferredDeferredThe handset has retrieved the MMS header but has not downloaded the full message from the mobile network. The handset may still download the message at a later time.
ExpiredExpiredThe handset did not retrieve the message before the message expiration time.
ForwardedForwardedThe message has been sent successfully to the mobile network.
IndeterminateIndeterminateThe mobile network could not determine if the message was delivered correctly.
NotSupportedNotSupportedThe request made to the MMS gateway is not supported.
RejectedRejectedThe message has been rejected by the MMS gateway or mobile network.
RetrievedSuccessThe message was successfully delivered to the handset and the handset was configured to acknowledge the message with a delivery receipt.
UnreachableUnreachableThe destination network or the mobile subscriber cannot be reached.
UnrecognizedUnrecognizedThe handset of the mobile subscriber does not recognize the message content.

MMS Error Codes

Status codeStatus textDetails
1000SuccessSuccessfully parsed and validated request.
2000Client errorInvalid IP Address or Protocol
2002Address ErrorInvalid Address
2004Multimedia refusedCarrier refuses content
2007Unable to parse requestMessage format corrupt
2500Missing or Invalid HTTP header Content-Length or Content-TypeEnsure the HTTP Content-Length and Content Type header are included and valid.
2502Missing destination addressEnsure the recipient is specified correctly for the MM7 version that is used.
2503Multiple destination addresses not supportedMultiple recipients not supported. Instead, create multiple messages
2504Missing source addressEnsure source address is specified correctly for the MM7 version that is used
2505Missing or unsupported MM7 VersionEnsure specified MM7 version is on the list of supported versions, and is in the format x.y.z
2506Missing XML element – ContentEnsure the Content element is included in the SubmitRequest.
2507Unsupported namespaceEnsure that all the namespaces specified are on the list of supported namespaces.
2510Missing or Invalid SOAP headerEnsure the SOAP envelope contains a SOAP header with only the TransactionID element
2511Missing or Invalid SOAP bodyEnsure the SOAP envelope contains a SOAP body with the SubmitReq
2512Unsupported operationSubmitReq is the only supported operation
2513Unable to parse attachmentEnsure your attachment is specified, and encoded properly
2514Invalid SOAP attachment header Content-TypeEnsure the Content-Type headers of all the attachments are formatted properly
2515Invalid SOAP body part Content-TypeEnsure the Content-Type header of the SOAP body part, aka the SOAP envelope part, is formatted properly
2550Account disabledYour account is no longer provisioned for MMS
2551Account not Provisioned for MM7Your account is not provisioned for MM7 API
2560Content length exceeded maximum supported request sizeReduce the size of the content you are sending.
2561Invalid sender identificationSender identification invalid or missing.
2562Invalid VASIDThe VASID is your ServiceID
2563Invalid source addressThe sender address may be incorrect or not provisioned in the country of recipient number
2564Invalid VASPIDThe VASPID is your API Key
2566Invalid carrierInvalid carrier ID.
2567Missing carrier IDCarrier ID is required to be passed
2568Unable to authenticateEnsure the HTTP username and password you have specified are correct and formatted properly within the Authorization header.
2569Carrier Lookup Failed. Please retry.The carrier lookup server is not responding. Please retry again
2570Carrier Not ProvisionedThis carrier is not provisioned in the system.
2574SenderAddress ErrorOnly Shortcode or RFC2822Address nodes are supported under SenderAddress node
2575SenderAddress ErrorAlphanumeric Sender is not provisioned.
2576RFC2822Address DisplayOnly Attribute ErrorSupport RFC2822Address for group messaging only with displayonly = true
3000System errorInternal system/service error.
3001Number blacklistedPhone number is blacklisted for receiving messages do not retry
3510Throughput exceededThroughput exceeded please retry later

Retry Error Codes: 2569, 3000 and 3510

Status CodeStatus TextDetails
2569Carrier Lookup Failed. Please retry.The carrier lookup server is not responding. Please retry again
3000System errorInternal system/service error.
3510Throughput exceededThroughput exceeded please retry later
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