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Grow your revenue by acquiring and engaging customers using text messaging.

Skycores Mobile Messaging Platform
Bulk Text Messaging Campaigns

Bulk Text Messaging Campaigns

Use an SMS marketing campaign to engage with your customers regularly. With text message open rates being around 99%, you can expect higher conversions than other delivery methods. We enable businesses of all sizes to schedule bulk SMS or MMS messaging campaigns to send text alerts, promo codes, pictures, videos, and more.

Transactional Text Messaging API

Transactional Text Messaging API

Use our messaging API to deliver a variety of transactional text messages to your customers. Design and deliver your own tickets, coupons, receipts, and more in a rich media message format. You can also send SMS shipping notifications or appointment reminders to your customers. Contact us to learn more.


Sending Capabilities

Animated GIFs

Contact Cards





Two-Factor Authentication

Calendar Invites





Campaign Management Tools

Our SMS / MMS marketing tool enables you to design messages with text, pictures, videos, audio, and more. Our software optimizes the delivery of any media content that you attach based on file size, screen size, and file type.

SMS/MMS Campaign Manager
Schedule mass texting campaigns

Schedule Mass Messages

Schedule SMS or MMS delivery at a specific date and time.

automatic text message response

Automatic Text Responses

Set up a sequence of automatic text responses to a customer opt-in.


SMS Keywords

Instantly create your own keyword and promote it with a short code to opt in your customers.

Audience Manager

List Manager

Conveniently manage your opt in and opt out lists.

Import and Export

Import & Export

Import CSV files with your customer data. Download your messaging history in CSV format.

Data Collection

SMS Data Collection

Set up multiple choice or open-ended questions, and send those questions by text message to your customers or employees.

Audience List Data
MMS Composer
MMS Composer

MMS Composer

Add text, links, images, and video content to your message with our MMS Composer tool.

MMS Inbox

MMS Inbox

Receive picture and video submissions from your customers.

Messaging API



Our SMS API is a simple HTTP interface that businesses use to send text messages. Our customers pass us the sender, receiver and the message and then we deliver the SMS message to their customer. Additional parameters can be passed in order to personalize the message or check the recipients opt-in status.



Our customers can use our MMS API to trigger and personalize picture or video MMS messages from their own system. We have a standard MM7 interface as well as an HTTP interface. The HTTP interface extends the MM7 interface with additional features and capabilities.



Messages over 160 characters

Short Codes & Long Codes

Mobile Originated SMS

Multiple Languages

Delivery Reports

Global Delivery

MMS Transcoding

High Throughput

Emoticon (Emoji)

Priority Queue

Merge Tags


MMS Gateway Software

We provide MMS gateway infrastructure to mobile network operators, SMS aggregators, and marketing platforms

SMS Gateway Providers

We provide MMS gateway software to SMS gateway providers so they can offer an MM7 API to their existing customers. Our MMS software routes MMS messages from their customers to their mobile network operator binds.

Application Service Providers

We offer MMS gateway software to SMS application platforms to enable their customers to send and receive transactional or bulk MMS messages through a simple API.

Personalized Image & Barcode Generator

Generate personalized images with barcodes and add unique visual elements, such as rich graphics, customized text, and background images.

Personalized Images Template Builder
Personalized Images Template Builder Example

1. Add a Background Image

Upload a background image with your custom branding and design.

2. Add Personalized Text Areas

Add up to 8 personalized text areas that overlay the background image. Adjust the font, text size, color, and position of the text.

3. Add a Unique Barcode

We will generate the barcode for you.  Supported barcode formats: Aztec Code, Code 11, Code 128, Code 39, Data Matrix, EAN, Interleaved 2of5, PDF417, QR Code, UPC-A


Use Cases





Membership Numbers

Promo Codes

Activation Codes

Referral Codes

VIP Status

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