SMS Inbox to receive text messages from customers

The Update

Skycore added an SMS Inbox feature to its mobile marketing platform. The SMS Inbox enables you to receive non keyword based replies from subscribers who have already opt into a campaign.

How it works

When Skycore receives an SMS from a number it will generally check that message for a keyword to opt in or trigger a campaign. If the first word does not match a registered keyword we now will check to see if that number is subscribed to a campaign. If it is we will add that SMS reply to the campaign’s SMS Inbox. In cases where the user is subscribed to the multiple campaigns on the same short code then it will be applied to the campaign which sent the last message to this number. The Campaign Manager’s ‘SMS Inbox’ tab will show both the senders number, message and time stamp.

The Benefits

You can now read customer responses regardless of whether  it contains the campaigns keyword. You can collect additional data from subscribers through SMS flows and in the future we will add more unctions lift and logic for you to tightly integrate other features of the platform.