Mobile ticket delivery with MMS messaging allows airline ticket agents to send mobile boarding passes directly to passengers’ phones.

Mobile Airline Ticket Delivery

How to send boarding passes through text messaging

Mobile ticket delivery with text messaging enables airlines and their third-party ticket sellers to send mobile boarding passes straight to the inbox. Customers can access their mobile boarding pass in their messaging inbox which can then be saved to their mobile wallet/Apple Wallet for easy access.

Mobile boarding passes are more convenient than printable boarding passes

Mobile boarding passes are more convenient than printable boarding passes for customers. Unlike physical boarding passes which require customers to print, mobile boarding passes are accessible through text message images or mobile wallet. Mobile boarding passes delivered with text messaging avoids additional steps and is delivered directly to a customers’ mobile device.

How mobile boarding passes benefit customers

Mobile boarding passes are convenient for all customers, especially those who travel infrequently. Customers, who rarely travel may not want to download an app in order to access their ticket. Through text messaging, customers can easily share their mobile boarding passes with others, who do not have an app.

Design your own Mobile Wallet Passes using the Mobile Wallet builder

Design mobile boarding passes

Skycore’s mobile wallet card designer enables ticket sellers to create digital cards for mobile wallets. Multiple templates for boarding passes make it easy to create and personalize with our mobile wallet card designer. Learn more about WalletThat’s mobile wallet card designer.

Skycore’s personalized image builder enables ticket sellers to create ticket images with a barcode and custom text fields. The customer who receives a boarding pass as a personalized image can check-in directly from their phone’s message thread or they can save the ticket image for later in their photos.  Learn more about personalized images.

Airline Ticket created in our personalized image builder

Deliver mobile boarding passes to customers

Skycore’s mobile ticketing delivery technology sends mobile tickets using MMS technology. Airline ticket agents can send boarding passes with MMS messaging directly to passengers’ mobile phones. Learn more about Skycore’s mobile ticket delivery system here.