Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing for amusement parks and attractions with rich media text messaging

Rich Media Messaging

What is rich media text messaging technology?

Rich media text messaging is a messaging medium, similar to text messaging that businesses use to promote their products and/or services by sending images, videos, tickets, coupons, and more. Just like standard text messages, rich media text messages are delivered to a mobile phone’s messaging inbox by MMS, RCS or Apple Business Messaging.

Why use rich media text messaging technology for tourism marketing?

MMS messaging technology makes it possible for amusement parks and attractions to quickly and directly reach all tourists and fans with photos, videos, coupons and mobile tickets. Today, amusement parks and attractions use their official websites and social media platforms for tourism marketing. Social media platforms enable engagement with active followers. However, those followers might miss their posts on a constantly updated feed. Also, usually, people do not visit the official websites unless they are planning on visiting in the near future. In contrast, MMS messaging technology enables amusement parks and attractions to message followers directly, as soon as they have news, updates, or promotions.

How amusement parks and attractions can implement mobile messaging in their tourism marketing campaigns

Amusement parks and Attractions can provide:

Text Keyword to Opt-in

Short code and Keyword

Official website
Social media pages

Web user opt-in form grants the sender permission to send text alerts to customers

Opt-in form

Checkout payment form

Benefits for amusement parks and attractions

  • Can track traditional media ads’ conversion and their effectiveness:
    • See when and how many subscribers engaged with the ad.
  • Can alert subscribers as soon as a new promotion or an event is out.
  • Can reach subscribers quickly and directly with MMS messages.
  • Can send reminders for specials or reservations.
  • Can deliver tickets directly to a messaging inbox.

Benefits for fans and tourists

  • Do not have to search on official websites or social media pages to see whether amusement parks or attractions would have special events or promotions
  • Do not have to worry about missing special events or promotions because if subscribed, they would receive alerts on their mobile device.
  • Can conveniently receive coupons and/or tickets on their mobile device.

Amusement parks and attractions using mobile messaging for tourism marketing


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