Text Message Marketing

You may know that mobile marketing is important, but you may not know where to start. Text message marketing is the most effective and cost efficient way for brands to reach and engage with their customers today. 

Begin marketing your brand using text messaging.

Why text message marketing?

Text message marketing is a great communication form that no brand should ignore. According to Pew Internet’s cell phone activities research, 91% of American adults own a cell phone and many use the devices for much more than phone calls. Sending and receiving text messages is the most popular activity people perform on their cell phones. Text messaging is more frequently used than emails, phone calls and app downloads. Skycore offers an online platform that helps you to easily create text message marketing campaigns.

Text Message Marketing Research
design landing page

Customer opt-in planning & ad campaign

Define the goal.  We can work with you to define your customer engagement goals.
Create a mobile marketing plan. After defining goals, our professional services team can help you create a detailed mobile marketing plan, including campaign schedule and advertising copy.
Design your opt-in call to action.  Your promotional text messages will be delivered only when the audience agrees to opt-in to receive messages from your company. You can either use your own opt-in form or create a website landing page to build the opt-in form. You can also create a specific sms keyword for your offline ad campaign.

Create an SMS/MMS campaign

Skycore’s platform makes text message marketing easier.

Upload eye-catching pictures and write attractive message copy. You can see the preview of text messages before sending them to your customers.

Define your opt-in message flow. You can create a preliminary conversation flow when a customer first opts-in. You can schedule messages to be delivered at a later date. 

create text message campaign
create sms campaign

Deliver an SMS/MMS messages

Your mass text messaging advertisement can be scheduled to your opt-in list with a few simple clicks. After you schedule the message, you can watch as your campaign metrics update in real-time.

Track your campaign in real-time

Our platform allows you to monitor and test your campaign by tracking real-time data. You can do an A/B test or compare the performance of each message to improve future campaigns.

create sms campaign