Mobile App Promotion with Text Messaging

Promote your mobile app by delivering text messages with links to your app store page. Rather than having customers search for your app in an over saturated app store, text messages with smart URLs will direct your customers to download your app in one click. The link can be sent in a plain text message or it can include multimedia. Multimedia messages (MMS) can include videos and images which help to drive additional installs.

Begin promoting your mobile app today.

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Market your App in Traditional Media

You can use text messaging marketing to drive app installs by advertising your app in traditional media. Add a simple text message call-to-action to your advertisement letting customers know they can get your app by texting a keyword.  You would then reply to this keyword with an SMS message containing a smart URL to your App.  This promotional strategy can be implemented into television, radio, print and online mediums. This method also provides you with real engagement information to measure the effectiveness of the promotion.

mobile app promotion
mobile app promotion

What are Smart URLs to App Stores?

Skycore’s smart URLs are links that, when clicked, will detect the device that clicked it and automatically redirect the person to the proper app store. This means that a single link will work for both Android and IOS devices. It also means that customer can forward the URL to their friends regardless of their friend’s device.

Future promotional opportunities

You have sent the smart URL link to your customers and have tracked how often those links have been clicked. What’s next? For most mobile app promotion technologies the conversation ends there. With the our mobile marketing platform you now have the ability to send future text messages giving your customers promo codes and re-engaging with them.