Send SMS Promo Codes

Promote your e-commerce site offline by sending text messages with promo codes to incentivize and reward customers. The message you deliver can simply just contain text (SMS), or you can deliver your promo code within multimedia, such as picture and video messaging.The promo code can be inside the picture or video so it can be saved or shared.

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Incentivize new customers

Incentivize new customers to sign up for your SMS/MMS marketing campaign by providing a promotional code within the opt-in process. Once they have opted in, you can automatically trigger the message containing their promo code to be delivered.

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Reward Customer Loyalty With Reoccurring Coupons

Reward loyal customers

Once you have built up your messaging list of opted-in customers, you will have the ability to schedule bulk text messages with promo codes to all customers within that campaign. By continuing to reward loyal customers with promotional discounts or offer codes you will foster your relationship with them, and encourage future purchases.

SMS and multimedia text promotions

Skycore’s platform allows you to send your promo code through either text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS). SMS messages are text messages containing a short message comprised only of text. Multimedia text messages can include the promo code in a text area, or even within an image or video.

SMS and Multimedia Promotions
Unique or Static Promo Codes

Send unique or static promo codes

You will be able to send either static or unique promotional codes.  To include unique codes you can import the promo codes into our mobile marketing platform and we will assign them to each customer who opts in. Unique codes give you the ability to restrict and/or monitor the use of promo codes on an one-time use basis. You can also pre-assign coupon codes to individual customers and import them together. This way, specific customers get specific coupon codes.