Digital Coupon Delivery

Incentivize customers with digital coupons delivered quickly and easily to their mobile devices through picture messaging. Skycore’s platform allows you to create, personalize and deliver digital coupons to your audience.

Begin delivering  digital coupons to your customers today.

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Designing Your Digital Coupon

Create eye-catching coupons by overlaying your background images with unique barcodes and personalized text. We offer a wide variety of barcode types to choose from, so that the platform can work alongside your current coupon scanning and redemption system. Since these digital coupons are just images, they work on all phones no matter what operating system they have. Unlike plain text coupons, image coupons can be saved and used later from either the customer’s photos folder or the messaging app.

digital coupon
digital coupon

Personalizing Coupons

Skycore’s digital coupon solution enables you to create coupons with unique barcodes. This allows you to create one-time use coupons for each coupon recipient or track the redemption of coupons to specific customers in your CRM system. Alternatively if you allow multiple uses of the coupon per customer, you can monitor how many times each customer is redeeming their unique code. Static barcodes are also supported for non-tracked campaigns or for backends that do not support one-time use coupons.
You can also add personalized text to your coupons. This text can be customized for specific customers or used to customize things like the expiration date or offer amount.

Sending a Coupon

There are three methods that can be used when sending a coupon. You can send your coupon after being triggered by a form or other opt-in, schedule a bulk message, or as a response to a 2-way chat conversation.
Send Coupons upon Opt-in: Incentivizing new customers to opt-in or fill out forms by offering digital coupons is a great way to build your list. The coupon will be triggered to be delivered after the customer completes some action.
Send Coupons in Bulk: Sending coupons in bulk to opted-in users is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand and encourage future purchases. Bulk coupon messaging can be personalized and segmented to be delivered to the right people at the right time of day.
Send Coupons as a 2-way chat conversation: With Skycore’s digital coupon solution you can engage with your customers by asking a question. Once customers reply, you can automatically send them the appropriate coupon based upon their response.

digital coupon