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Text Messaging Automation

Featured Text Messaging Integrations



Trigger: New Abandoned Cart
Action: Send an SMS



Trigger: User Unsubscribes
Action: Remove Contact from List



Trigger: New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads
Action: Subscribe User to a Campaign


The Skycore-Zapier text messaging integration provides a way to connect text messaging workflows with CRM systems, social media, and much more.

Use Cases

Order Status Updates

Cart Abandonment

Emergency Alerts

Invoice Management

CRM Management

Social Media

Employee Communication

Integrate Skycore with Zapier in a few minutes!

How it Works

Creating Skycore Triggers

  1. Create a Zap on Zapier using “Universal Webhooks” and get a Custom Webhook URL
  2. Create your Integration Trigger on the Skycore platform
  3. Add your Custom Webhook URL to your Skycore Trigger Integration

Creating Skycore Actions

  1. Create your Integration Action on the Skycore platform and get an Action URL.
  2. Create a Zap on Zapier using “Universal Webhooks”.
  3. Add the Skycore Action URL to your Zap.

Learn more about creating Triggers and Actions