Change Log

January 6, 2023


  • Performance improvements loading the Campaign page.
  • Bug fixes to certain Data Collection flows where a recipient couldn’t reply to a consent request.
  • When sending a test MMS template from the MMS Templates page, you must now type in the sender instead of selecting the sender from a dropdown.
  • Performance improvements to the Messaging History page.
  • Removed an extra space being added before HELP and STOP keyword replies.
  • Added support for receiving pictures and videos in Data collections replies.
  • Implemented messaging-based triggers and actions for Zapier/ integrations.

June 3, 2022


  • Fixed an issue on the User Interface Campaign Settings when editing the Campaign Name
  • Fixed an issue where importing numbers would occasionally get stuck
  • Fixed an issue on the “Opt-out List” page when displaying search results
  • Added delete checkboxes on the MMS Inbox listing to delete MMS MO


  • *New* Added 7 new dynamic fields for Loyalty Cards and Coupons
  • Made performance improvements to the UpdatePassTemplate API
  • Made small improvements to the Pass Preview feature on the user interface

May 4, 2022


  • Made updates to Messaging History UI
  • Made updates to Message Lookup UI
  • Updates to export files (CSV) from Messaging History
  • Bug fixes to Message Scheduling page
  • Bug fixes to MMS Composer
  • Made updates to MMS MO Inbox UI
  • Bug fixes to Messaging stats page filter and Messaging Campaign


  • Made improvements to the Pass Data Manager UI
  • *New* Added Zapier integration capabilities
  • *New* Added integration capabilities
  • Made improvements to the Pass Issuance Link functionality

October 12, 2021


  • Added email address and phone number fields for Pass Data
  • Fixed an issue when importing a CSV file for bulk Pass updates
  • Fixed an issue with previewing deleted Passes in the Pass Data Manager
  • Fixed the display of labels for Loyalty Card and Coupon created through API
  • Fixed an issue for creating and updating pass issuance links by API
  • Fixed an issue where barcode previews were not always displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Exporting Pass Data for Pass Templates with a “/” in their name


  • UI Improvements to the Message Lookup page
  • UI Improvements to the Keywords page
  • UI Improvements to the Campaigns page
  • UI Improvements to the Message Scheduling tab in Campaigns
  • Bug fixes to Message History page to display correct counts
  • Bug fixes to Data Collection Callback URL setting where certain reply back messages are not triggered properly

August 11, 2021


  • Made security improvements to the Pass Issuance Link Builder, Pass Update Manager, Pass Template Builder, and Pass Data Manager.
  • Added a new feature to enable HTML links to be added to Passes.
  • Updated the Pass Preview for Apple Wallet to accurately show HTML links.


  • UI improvements to Shortcode settings page.
  • UI improvements to the Data Collection Questions & Data Collection Flow pages.
  • UI improvements to the Opt-in Lists tab in Campaigns.
  • UI improvements to the Opt-In List Data page.
  • UI improvements to the MMS Templates page.
  • UI improvements to the Message History page.
  • UI improvements to the Opt-In Lists page.
  • Performance improvements to the Messaging History page.

June 23, 2021


  • Made performance improvements to the Pass Template Builder for iBeacons.


  • Added support for Spanish accent while creating SMS keywords.
  • Added additional image size validation for dynamic images and dynamic vCards API.
  • Updated the FQDN for hosting MMS MO content files.
  • Added a text character limit on the SMS Fallback Text on MMS Composer.
  • Fixed a line break issue in the text form of MMS Composer.
  • Added support for additional xml escape characters in the MMS subject.

May 13, 2021


  • Made improvements to the date/time formats on all UI pages.
  • Modified all API calls to support the API Key in the request header.
  • New Feature: Spanish accents can now be used in the text fields on Passes.
  • Made improvements to the UI for Pass Statistics.
  • Fixed an issue for the CreatePassTemplate and UpdatePassTemplate APIs where the timestamp was displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue for the GetPassData API for gift cards where certain currency values were missing in the response.


  • UI updates on the opt-in list page.
  • UI updates on the People page.
  • Fixed MMS subject’s position in Android preview of MMS template.
  • Updated the Message Lookup UI and added a new navigation menu for the page.
  • Various performance improvements.

March 3, 2021


  • New Feature: You can now personalize the strip image on Passes for each end-user by importing strip image URLs in a CSV or updating each strip image 1:1 through the API.
  • Made performance improvements to Pass Issuance Links.
  • Made minor updates and improvements to the Wallet APIs.


  • UI updates to the MMS Template page.
  • UI updates to MMS Composer page.
  • UI performance improvements for MMS History stats and reports.
  • Bug fixes to the MMS preview function for videos in the MMS templates page.

January 8, 2021


  • We now return a Pass Issuance Link when generating Passes providing additional control and tracking over the installation process.
  • Made improvements to the Pass Update Manager user interface.
  • Made improvements to the Pass Template Builder user interface.
  • Added a new popup message on the Pass Template Builder to remind users when they update dynamic fields on an existing Pass Template that they must run a bulk update on existing installed passes.
  • Added new columns to the Pass Data Export CSV file to show if the Pass has been installed, never installed, or uninstalled and if the Pass is active, expired, redeemed, or voided.
  • Fixed errors in the Pass Data Export file where some values were missing from the file.
  • Fixed minor issues related to generating Google Pay Passes with empty fields.


  • Performance Improvements to MMS Templates page for faster loading.
  • Performance Improvements to SMS Data Collection page for faster loading.
  • Rename ‘Audience List’ to ‘Opt-in List’.
  • Performance Improvements to the ‘Opt-in Lists’ page for faster loading.
  • Improve Error Display messages on various pages.
  • SMS Data Collection Flow UI has been improved.
  • Fixed a video playback issue when previewing MMS templates containing videos.
  • Fixed Delete button in SMS Data Collection Questions list.
  • Added a new page, ‘Collected Data’, which shows all the collected data for an account using SMS data collection flows.
  • Deprecated the Flash MMS Composer.
  • Added a new setting, enabling users to set the delete time for data collected through the SMS data collection flow.

September 22, 2020


  • We made a few performance improvements to generate Passes more reliably.
  • Online reporting now displays all timestamps using the account timezone.
  • Added controls to enable or disable updating Pass data if the Pass Issuance Link is clicked again.
  • Removed unnecessary columns from the export file when exporting Pass Records.
  • When deleting a Pass Templates we now also delete its associated Pass Issuance Links.


  • Added additional backend compliance logging functionality for HIPPA.
  • Revamped SMS Data Collection user interface
  • Added dynamic iCal (Calendar) generator to the sendsavedmms API.
  • Added additional video transcoding controls in the backend.
  • Fixed small page pagination bugs.

July 7, 2020


  • You can now add up to 4 dynamic fields on the front of a coupon Pass.
  • The ordering of the additional fields for the default coupon Pass Template has been changed.
  • Made performance improvements to barcode generation for Passes.
  • Various UI Improvements to HTML (buttons, font, links)  and Navigation.
  • Expanded the maximum barcode length to 700 characters for all Pass Types for QR Code, Aztec, and PDF417 barcode types.
  • The custom Pass ID is now unique per Pass Template instead of per account.
  • You can now set an auto-expiration date based on a specific duration after the Pass has been generated.
  • You can now add a ‘Current Date’ field to all Pass Types to display when the Pass was generated on the Pass itself.


  • User Interface updates on Messaging related pages for better user experience.
  • New MMS Composer v2 has replaced the Flash MMS Composer by default. Flash will no longer be supported after December 2020.
  • Small Bug Fixes and UI updates on the Messaging History page.
  • New settings de-identify data collected through SMS when storing it. If this setting is on, then hashed values will be stored for the data collected for this variable instead of the actual data.
  • A new setting “Delete collected data” is available on campaign settings.  Admins can set the number of hours for collected data to live before automatically deleting it.

May 5, 2020


  • We added an API to list all Pass ID’s for a particular Pass Template
  • You can now perform bulk updates by CSV in the Pass Update Manager
  • You can now import relevant location data for Pass Templates
  • We added an API to get the Pass Relevance data for a particular Pass Template
  • We made UI improvements to the Pass Template Builder and Pass Data Manager
  • We made performance improvements to the redirect speed of Issuance Link clicks


  • We now support concatenated SMS for all US carriers (including Sprint) for messages above 160 characters
  • You can now configure a callback URL to send the data you collected from an SMS workflow
  • You can now add a timestamp dynamically to a Personalized Image
  • We added the ability to send recurring message auto-responders certain days of the week
  • Various MMS and SMS performance improvements

March 19, 2020


  • Made performance improvements to the Pass Update Manager
  • Added the ability to set a Update Notifications while updating a Pass Template
  • Improved user-interface for all Mobile Wallet pages
  • Added new API calls to create and update Pass Templates
  • Copyright and trademark symbols are now supported in the Pass Template Builder
  • Enabled customized HTML messages to display in the background after an Apple Wallet Pass is downloaded from an install link.
  • We now provide HTML snippets and “Add to Apple Wallet” and “Save to Google Pay” to embed in websites and emails


  • Improved MMS throughput support for all accounts
  • Improved user-interface for all messaging pages
  • Decreased the response time for SMS auto-responses and SMS data collection questions

January 23, 2020


  • *New* Added a new feature on the Pass Update Manager to update expiration time zones and timestamps
  • *New* Added a new feature to set expiration dates on Pass Issuance Links
  • *New* Added a new feature to manually activate and deactivate Pass Issuance Links
  • *New* Added a new API to create Pass Issuance Links
  • *New* Added a new API to update Pass Issuance Links
  • Made improvements on the user interface for the Pass Template Builder
  • Made improvements on the user interface for Pass Templates Builder Widget
  • Made improvements on the user interface to allow users to upload new Apple Pass Signing Certificates and Google Pay Issuer settings in one centralized page called ‘Wallet Settings’


  • Updated the Opt-Out List page to make it more simple
    Made improvements on the user interface to make the overlays more responsive
    Updated the HELP and STOP message flow such that only one master account for the shortcode will always send the HELP and STOP SMS MTs when receiving HELP and STOP keywords respectively

November 12, 2019


  • *New* Added a new feature on the user interface to enable users to schedule bulk Pass updates
  • *New* Added a new Pass Template Builder widget for our partners to embed into their own marketing platform.
  • *New* Added a new feature to limit the total Passes generated via Pass Issuance Links
  • Made improvements on the user interface for the Pass Template Builder
  • Made improvements on the user interface for Pass Templates
  • Made improvements on the user interface for Pass Issuance Links
  • Fixed an issue with updating additional images for Google Pay through the API


  • Performance Improvements to SMS MT
  • Performance Improvements to SMS MO
  • Performance Improvements to MMS MT

August 22, 2019


  • Updated API for event tickets to support custom labels
  • Added Generate Pass Record feature to Pass Records page
  • Added Replicate Pass Record features to the Pass Records page
  • *New* Added a new tool called Address Lookup to the UI to obtain Lat/Long coordinates from an address search
  • Added a new custom callback feature to the Pass Template Builder to allow users to add a callback feature to a second endpoint URL. This callback is only called every time a pass is installed on the first installation only
  • Added the ability to upload rectangular logos for Apple Wallet Passes and circular logos for Google Pay Passes separately
  • Updated the logic for setting TTLs when new Pass Records are created
  • *New* Added a new section in Wallet to create Pass Issuance Links for email
  • Made improvements on the user interface for the Pass Data Manager


  • Fixed a bug on Unconfirmed Number Tab of the AudienceList
  • Added click-tracking options to Message Scheduling and Autoresponders UI
  • Made performance improvements on Campaign creation
  • Fixed a bug on the Message Flow tab under Messaging Campaign
  • Fixed a bug on Scheduled Results tab under Messaging Campaign
  • Added support for a {number} tag. If present in any SMS or MMS text, it will be replaced with the actual recipient phone number

July 1, 2019

  • Added a new Priority param to the v3 wallet APIs to prioritize pass update requests in the queue
  • Added a new sub-node to the v3 wallet APIs to send reference data with the pass install link. The reference data will be shown in the installed and uninstalled Wallet postbacks
  • Added a QR code, embedded with a link to download the wallet pass, to the bottom of the pass preview on web browsers. Buttons to save the pass to Google Pay or Apple Wallet have also been added alongside the QR Code on web browsers
  • Updated the main navigation menu to make the user interface more user friendly.
  • Performance improvements to the use of merge tags. This tag will be replaced with the phone number to which the MMS is sent via any MMS sending option on UI or API
  • Added click link tracking feature for fallback SMS
  • Fixed display issues on the Dynamic Video Builder page
  • Bug fixes on the Message History user interface
  • Fixed display issues on the Account page

June 3, 2019

  • Renamed the Distribution tab on the Pass Template Builder to ‘Advanced’
  • Added new Time to Live and Pass Data Archive settings under the Advanced tab on the Pass Template Builder
  • Fixed Pass Preview issues on the Pass Details page
  • Modified Pass generation so that Passes are generated when the download link is clicked. Updates made to Pass Templates will now be reflected on installed Passes even after the download link was generated
  • Added a new high-level flow for SMS sending (SMS MT). Performance optimization on sendMessage by SubscriberRef API by reducing response time
  • Added a checkbox on Send Test popup user interface to send test MMS as SMS fallback

May 9, 2019

  • Simplified campaign settings by merging API and keyword cta and confirmation settings
  • Fixed issue where phone number is replacing text area in personalized image preview
  • Implemented custom URLs for Mobile Wallet Pass installation links
  • Improved user interface for the Pass Data Manager pages (formerly Manage Passes)
  • Removed the pre-populated barcode value text from the barcode settings on the Pass Template Builder
  • Added a section to Relevant Locations on the Pass Template Builder to show the fixed text that appears on Android devices
  • Added unified Pass Update Notifications for Apple Wallet and Google Pay on the user interface and in the Update Pass API
  • Added a feature to set expiration timezones and timestamps directly from the Update Passes page on the user interface
  • Added a new Mobile Wallet settings tab in each account to display Apple Pass certificate and Google Pay account information, if applicable

April 1, 2019

  • Performance improvements on Messaging History
  • Improvements saving MMS Templates on the MMS Composer
  • Bug fixes on Audience List user interface
  • Improved user interface for the Wallet Pass Preview
  • Simplified Dynamic Field selection in Pass Template Builder
  • Updated Tooltips for the Pass Template Builder
  • Simplified Barcode Settings in the Pass Template Builder
  • Added a feature to enable or disable sharing of Passes
  • Added a drop-down menu to select link icons in the Pass Template Builder
  • Updated the Import Pass Data page

February 28, 2019

  • Implemented Google Pay for Passes integration
  • Improved user interface for Pass Preview feature: Previews for both Apple Wallet and Google Pay are now supported
  • Improved user interface for Pass Template Builder
  • Added new features to Pass Template Builder: multi-line messages allowed on the back of Passes, special characters allowed in labels and values for loyalty cards, added custom labels for event tickets, increased character limit on terms and message fields
  • Performance improvements on Pass Data Updates
  • Bug fixes for timezones and daylight savings time on Passes
  • Improved Audience List user interface to make it more user-friendly
  • Updated MMS Preview to more accurately display fallback SMS links and smart links
  • Bug fixes on Messaging History user interface page

October 9th & 11th, 2018

  • Added ‘Audience List’ page to manage subscribers by list rather than by campaign
  • Added ‘Opt Out List’ page to display all numbers or subscribers that have opted out across all short codes and long codes. Enabled Exporting of this list into CSV
  • Enabled a single Audience List to link to multiple campaigns
  • Enabled importing and exporting for Audience Lists
  • Updated the CSV Imports and CSV Exports pages to make them more user-friendly

June 25th, 2018

  • Performance improvements on personalized image generation
  • Performance improvements on SMS MO processing
  • Updates on CSV Import status display to make it more user-friendly
  • Implementation of JSON API on Mobile Wallet
  • Simplified Mobile Wallet URL based issuance
  • Mobile Wallet UI improvements

April 17th, 2018

  • Improved CSV import file processing
  • Now you can disable an SMS Fallback message completely
  • Performance improvements for Campaigns page loading
  • Fixed an issue preventing the deleting of values in the People database
  • Apple Wallet Passes can be forced to be delivered as links in an MMS rather than embedded
  • New dynamic vCard capabilities were added to the SendSavedMMS API

March 15th, 2018

  • Improvements to priority queues for MMS and SMS messaging
  • New monthly invoice format and invoice email
  • MMS MO Subjects are now properly displayed
  • Various updates to navigation in Account Settings

February 15th, 2018

  • We centralized and improved the import process for all CSV imports.
  • A new page is available in the settings called “CSV Imports” which will hold a history of files imported into the platform.
  • The “CSV Imports” page will also have a link for reports on each import. Reports will no longer be emailed to the account owner.
  • You can now define X and Y coordinates on the personalized image template builder with a click of your mouse.
  • We now store failed CSV export requests in the “CSV Exports” page along with the reason for failure.
  • We added a replicate button for campaigns in order to replicate the settings of a campaign.
  • The audience manager page now displays both opt-in and opt-out date for quick compliance checking. 

December 7th, 2017

  • We standardized the CSV data export format across various features and moved all CSV exports to the “Exports” settings page.
  • We added the ability to embed 3rd party hosted videos (youtube, etc) on “Landing Pages”.
  • We fixed an issue with our javascript “Form Builder” and the mapping of customer data.
  • The “Personalized Image” data export is now works for large data sets.
  • The MMS video transcoding is now processed faster and load balanced.

September 20th, 2017

  • API Settings configuration is now available in the Create User API
  • Search MMS Templates by Name or MMSID on the MMS Templates page
  • New SMS Fallback URL formatting

July 25th, 2017

  • Smart Redirect Links and Deep Links launched
  • Disable SMS Fallback Link Option in MMS Composer
  • Personalized Image API launched

May 25th, 2017

  • We now support consolidated invoicing across sub-accounts.

March 8, 2017

  • Now you can trigger an SMS or MMS message to be delivered before the opt-in consent request.
  • You can now build data collection questions with YES and NO answers.
  • You can now download transcoded MMS files from the MMS Templates page.
  • Your auto response messages are now delivered faster.

February 8, 2017

  • Multi-User Login is now enabled by default. Invite account owners, managers and users.
  • Multi-Account Login is now enabled by default. Access multiple accounts with your one email address login.
  • MMS/SMS CSV history export now have more accurate timestamps.
  • IP Whitelisting on our API can now supports IP CIDR ranges.
  • A new API is available to get MMS transcoded file information.

December 19, 2016

  • The Passbook Tab is now called Mobile Wallet and your Pass Templates are now Card Templates.
  • You can now “tag” subscribers with a “subscriberRef” automatically opt-in through keywords.
  • You can now get “campaignRef” data in your SMS MT and MMS MT API PostBack notifications.
  • We fixed a bug in the display of Terms & Conditions link color and font size in the Web Form JavaScript.
  • You can now disable the SMS fallback link in SMS fallback messages.
  • You will now see some additional file meta-data for each MMS in the MMS Templates such as file size, height and width.

September 7, 2016

  • Your campaign subscriber data is now displayed in a unified view in the new ‘People’ tab. You can now use imported or collected subscriber data across different campaigns with ease.
  • You can now map your internal subscriber data variables with our variables using the new “Personal Variables’ tool. This will simplify API integration as well as importing.
  • The message scheduling user interface was updated to a simple form instead of a pop-up.
  • Wallet now supports customer supplied data in specific fields for ‘self issued’ cards.
  • Our new short code settings page enables dedicated short code owners to configure their default HELP and STOP message responses as well as other settings related to their short code. This functionality was previously only available to Skycore account managers.

May 3, 2016

  • Transcoded MMS image content is now visible on the MMS Templates page.
  • Wallet API now requires customPassID (which your internal ID for the card) for all requests involving generating or updating data.
  • Wallet API now allow you to update all card images via the API.This includes logo and strip images.
  • Wallet API now supports an optional CustomerRef parameter which references the person.
  • Wallet API now supports a PIN Code parameter to authenticate a request to generate the card.
  • TLS1.0 is now deprecated.

April 5, 2016

  • The MMS subject is no longer required in the API or in the MMS Composer, however if Subject is not included you must supply SMS Fallback Text.
  • Animated .gif files are now transcoded into multiple versions like all other MMS images.

March 22, 2016

  • CTA and NOTIFY Elements were deprecated from the subscribe API. Now all message flow controls are pre-defined in the campaign.
  • Added enhanced control over the opt-in message flow in the Campaigns for different sources (mobile, web, API).
  • Added the ability to customize the CampaignID for the subscribe API. Now you can use your own ID for lists instead of one being assigned by Skycore.