Release Notes

Sept 7th, 2016

  • Your campaign subscriber data is now displayed in a unified view in the new ‘People’ tab. You can now use imported or collected subscriber data across different campaigns with ease.
  • You can now map your internal subscriber data variables with our variables using the new “Personal Variables’ tool. This will simplify API integration as well as importing.
  • The message scheduling user interface was updated to a simple form instead of a popup.
  • Wallet now supports customer supplied data in specific fields for ‘self issued’ cards.
  • Our new short code settings page enables dedicated short code owners to configure their default HELP and STOP message responses as well as other settings related to their short code. This functionality was previously only available to Skycore account managers.

May 3rd, 2016

  • Transcoded MMS image content is now visible on the MMS Templates page.
  • Wallet API now requires customPassID (which your internal ID for the card) for all requests involving generating or updating data.
  • Wallet API now allow you to update all card images via the API.This includes logo and strip images.
  • Wallet API now supports an optional CustomerRef parameter which references the person.
  • Wallet API now supports a PIN Code parameter to authenticate a request to generate the card.
  • TLS1.0 is now deprecated.

April 5, 2016

  • The MMS subject is no longer required in the API or in the MMS Composer, however if Subject is not included you must supply SMS Fallback Text.
  • Animated Gif’s are now transcoded into multiple versions like all other MMS images.

March 22, 2016

  • CTA and NOTIFY Elements were deprecated from the subscribe API. Now all message flow controls are pre-defined in the campaign.
  • Added enhanced control over the opt-in message flow in the Campaigns for different sources (mobile, web, API)
  • Added the ability to customize the CampaignID for the subscribe API. Now you can use your own ID for lists instead of one being assigned by Skycore.