Boosting Tourism Engagement through Text Messaging: A Strategic Guide for Marketing

March 18, 2018 10 min read

Revolutionizing Tourism Marketing with Rich Media Text Messaging

In the ever-evolving world of tourism marketing, amusement parks and attractions are turning to rich media text messaging technology as a cutting-edge strategy to enhance direct communication with tourists and enthusiasts. This advanced approach enables the seamless distribution of multimedia content, including photos, videos, exclusive coupons, and mobile tickets, directly to the audience’s phones.

Understanding Rich Media Text Messaging Technology

Rich media text messaging transcends traditional SMS by allowing businesses to engage their audience with a more dynamic content range, such as images, videos, tickets, and coupons, through MMS, RCS, or Apple Business Messaging. This technology ensures that promotional content lands directly in the recipient’s messaging inbox, making it an invaluable tool for tourism marketing efforts.

The Advantage of Rich Media Text Messaging in Tourism Marketing

With the majority of tourism marketing now happening online through official websites and social media, it’s easy for potential visitors to miss out on updates and promotions. Social media feeds are constantly refreshing, and people tend to visit websites only when they’re close to making a visit decision. Rich media text messaging fills this gap effectively, allowing amusement parks and attractions to reach their audience instantly and personally with important news, updates, or special offers.

Incorporating Mobile Messaging into Tourism Marketing Strategies

For amusement parks and attractions looking to leverage mobile messaging, here’s how to integrate it into your tourism marketing campaigns:

  • Engage Through Multiple Channels: Utilize short codes and keywords across brochures, official websites, social media, and emails.
  • Simplify Opt-In Processes: Offer opt-in opportunities through websites, apps, kiosks, and checkout forms to ensure a wide subscriber base.

Benefits for Amusement Parks and Attractions

By adopting mobile messaging, amusement parks and attractions can:

  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of traditional media advertisements.
  • Instantly notify subscribers about new promotions or events.
  • Directly reach out to subscribers with MMS messages, ensuring high engagement.
  • Send timely reminders for special offers or reservations.
  • Conveniently deliver tickets right to the subscribers’ messaging inboxes.

Advantages for Fans and Tourists

Fans and tourists stand to gain significantly from subscribing to mobile messaging services:

  • They receive updates and promotions without having to scour official websites or social media.
  • They never miss out on special events or offers, thanks to direct alerts on their mobile devices.
  • They enjoy the convenience of receiving coupons and tickets directly to their phones.

Who Should Use Mobile Messaging for Tourism Marketing?

Rich media text messaging is not just for amusement parks. This powerful tool can significantly benefit a wide array of entities in the tourism sector, including attractions, aquariums, casinos, concessionaires, family entertainment centers, hotels, museums, public parks, science centers, recreation centers, and zoos.

By embracing rich media text messaging technology, the tourism industry can foster a more engaged and satisfied visitor base, driving both visitation rates and overall satisfaction.

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