Use text messaging to quickly turn customers into referrers and let them manage rewards and points balances!

Referral Sign Up Process

How the Referral Sign Up Process Works

  1. Companies promote a keyword for customers to text to join the referral program on their website, social media, or in-store
  2. Customer texts the keyword and receives an SMS text message asking if they agree to receive text messages from the company
  3. After replying YES to receive text messages, the customer receives a series of SMS questions asking them their name, zip code, and any other relevant information.
  4. After answering the questions, the customer has successfully joined the referral program and may receive an optional MMS video explaining more about the referral program.
  5. Following the informational video, the customer will receive a personalized image containing their unique referral code. The image can be shared with friends and family to get them to sign up.
  6. A link to install a Mobile Wallet Referral Pass may also be sent with the referral code image. The Wallet Pass may contain the referrer’s number of points, links to redeem points at a marketplace, and any other relevant information.
  7. Companies can continue to send text messages to referrers to update them on their points balance and available rewards. The Mobile Wallet Pass is also updated as referrers earn points.

Why Does it Work?

  • Effortless & Interactive Sign Up
  • Built-in Communication
  • Uniquely Identify Referrers
  • Available on All Mobile Phones
  • Obtain Consent
  • No App to Install or Maintain
  • Limits Referral Fraud
  • Drives In-Store Traffic

Skycore’s text messaging referral programs use a combination of SMS, MMS, and Mobile Wallet technologies to provide an easy and personalized referral sign-up option for businesses that utilize network marketing. Signing up referrers through text messaging has several advantages for customers, and also for businesses. Text messaging referral program sign-ups limit referral fraud by linking everything back to a single phone number rather than allowing customers to sign up with multiple email addresses. These programs can also drive in-store purchases by using scannable barcodes on the personalized referral image and/or on the Mobile Wallet Pass.