The Update

Menu Response Actions (MRA) and SMS Data Collection have been added as new features.  MRA allows you to create quizzes and surveys with open ended or multiple choice answers.  Data from customer answers are then collected and stored as subscriber data.  Later in your messaging campaign, you can use this data as within messages using dynamic merge tags. You can also simply export the data as a CSV file for analysis.  These special SMS questions can be scheduled as message blasts during a campaign.  The response actions that are carried out after a customer replies are set up when creating the SMS MRA.

sms menu and polls for opinion gathering

Benefits of the Update

Improved Customer Information: Before this update you were limited to gathering information during opt-in time, import or through the API.  With SMS Menu Response Actions you can continuously gather customer information throughout a campaign and store it into simple variable names.  Using dynamic merge tags you can create personalized SMS, MMS and emails using information gathered from many data sources throughout the campaign.

Data Collection: Recognizing who your customers are and what they are interested in is critical for any business.  Through Menu Response Actions you can easily send surveys out to your audience to gather opinions about your products and services.  Using this information you can better allocate your marketing resources.

Customized Responses: For each question in your SMS you can provide an automatic response for each possible answer.  The response can either be another SMS or MMS.  This can be a great way to create interactive message flows or be a way to redirect customers with links to specific products.