Leveraging Text Messaging for Digital Coupon Delivery

May 30, 2016 10 min read

Deliver Digital Coupons Directly to Customers’ Phones through Text Messaging

Enhance customer engagement and drive sales by leveraging the power of text messaging to distribute digital coupons directly to your customers’ phones—no mobile app required. Our innovative platform empowers businesses to effortlessly create, personalize, and distribute digital coupons via SMS, streamlining the coupon delivery process.

Crafting Customized Digital Coupons

Empower your marketing strategy with the ability to design eye-catching, personalized digital coupons using our advanced image customization tool. Businesses can easily upload a background image, incorporate a unique barcode, and add personalized text to craft digital coupons that capture attention. Our platform supports an extensive array of barcode types, ensuring seamless integration with your existing coupon scanning systems. Moreover, our digital coupons are designed to be universally compatible with all mobile operating systems, enabling customers to save, forward, or access the coupons from their photo library or messaging app—enhancing the user experience beyond simple text-based offers.

sms coupon

Personalization at the Core of Digital Coupons

Our digital coupon solution is designed to cater to your unique marketing needs, offering the ability to generate coupons with individual barcodes for single-use or multi-use purposes. This flexibility allows for personalized promotions, whether distributing one-time offers to individual customers or creating a shared coupon for wider use. Our platform also enables detailed tracking of redemption rates, allowing for an in-depth understanding of customer engagement. Personalization extends to the coupon’s text, allowing for tailored messages that can specify offer details, expiration dates, or personalized greetings—making each coupon uniquely relevant to the recipient.


Flexible Distribution Strategies for Digital Coupons

To maximize the impact of your digital coupon campaign, our platform offers versatile distribution methods tailored to your marketing strategy:

  • Opt-in Promotions: Encourage customer engagement from the outset by offering digital coupons as an incentive for new customers to opt-in or complete a form. This method not only delivers value to the customer but also builds your marketing list.
  • Bulk Messaging: Keep your opted-in audience engaged and incentivized by sending personalized, segmented digital coupons in bulk. This approach ensures your offers reach the right audience at the right time, fostering brand loyalty and encouraging repeat business.
  • Interactive 2-Way Chat: Elevate customer interaction with our two-way chat feature. Engage customers in conversation, and upon receiving their response, automatically send tailored coupons that align with their interests or needs.

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