What is Brand Recall?

“Brand Recall” is the ability for a consumer to remember the brand following exposure to a marketing campaign. Because it can be very costly and time consuming to run a campaign, it is important the brand and the message be remembered. Many companies are using Brand Recall as a metric to gauge the performance of their social media or mobile marketing campaigns.

brand recall in the mind

Brand Recall in your marketing campaigns

To run a successful marketing campaign, a brand must first get the message to their target consumers. Many brands choose to use text messaging and social media for their campaigns. In both cases, the person needs to follow or opt-in to receive ongoing communications from the brand. When reaching out to consumers through either channel, it is important that they actually see and remember the message. Both channels have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Text Messaging


  • Compatible with nearly all mobile devices
  • Can include multimedia; Picture, Video, and audio. Smartphones allow for even more multimedia types such as passes and dynamic images.
  • Most text messages are read within the first 3 minutes
  • Multimedia content stays on the device unless deleted, so it can easily be revisited
  • Brands can personalize the text for each audience member
  • The direct private 2-way communication channel between the brand and consumer


  • The sender of the message is a phone number, so the recipient cannot search by brand name
  • Subscribers are unable to easily ‘Share’ SMS messages with friends (but they can share MMS pictures)

Social Media


  • Brand names can be searched
  • Can include photos and videos
  • The direct public 2-way communication channel between the brand and consumer
  • Followers are able to easily ‘Share’ their messages with friends, increasing the potential outreach


  • Over-saturated industry, messages may be ignored
  • Brands cannot personalize messages for each audience member
  • Multimedia content is within the social media platform but over-saturation makes it difficult to access again
  • No guarantee content will be seen by the majority of followers without paying extra

Brand recall relies on leaving a positive, lasting impact on consumers. Social media, SMS messaging, and MMS messaging all have their benefits, but the most effective method in establishing brand recall would be MMS or multimedia messaging. With benefits including memorable images, two-way line of communication, individualized content, and more, multimedia messaging is the most effective tool for a successful marketing campaign focusing on Brand Recall.