Skycore’s Mobile Marketing Platform

Skycore LLC is a leading mobile marketing platform provider who offers developers an SMS API library to deliver bulk text messages from their own systems. We take all the work out of tediously creating  your own short code programs and gives you an efficient HTTP/XML API library to work with. Our customers can take our platform and implement text message logic to better fit their enterprise.

Within the SMS library comes two methods that allow the developer to program sending SMS messages and MMS messages through command line instead of using a GUI. This allows customers using our mobile marketing platform to implement their own user interface while still using our services to bulk distribute messages. Access to developer API is included with certain SMS/MMS plans.

What makes our API so special is that they are specifically designed for mobile marketing purposes and not just for sending SMS/MMS. Our API not only let you create campaigns but also mass distribute MMS messages. With these unique features, Our mobile marketing platform sets its self aside from the rest of the competition. One of our newest features include the insertion of QR barcodes and Passbook® passes into MMS messages. With these tools, developers are able to go beyond just simple marketing and engage with customers like never before through commerce. Developers can mass distribute custom coupons, loyalty cards, tickets and boarding passes through our API library. Our API not only send information to the developer’s selected audience they are also able to send information to the developer’s servers well. The delivery receipt PostBack allows the developer to receive tracking information about their SMS/MMS campaign as well as information on what type of handset their customers have. With the PostBack information, developers can create special reports for themselves and custom tailored messages catered specifically for their audience.