Photo ID Verification by MMS

One challenge with online enrollment processes today is that most require proof of identity and the average person does not have a picture of the ID card on their computer. We enable you to securely receive photos of your customers identification cards by MMS.

Route MMS submissions

Receive Pictures on a Short Code

There are three ways a customer can submit a picture to you using MMS.

  • Customers can submit the picture to your short code without a keyword. This works for only one program at a time per short code.
  • You can ask the customer to submit the picture to your short code along with a special keyword.  This works for multiple programs at a time per short code.
  • You can start a text messaging conversation and ask the customer to reply with their picture. This works for any short code or long code setup.

Confirm Receipt with Text Message Responders

To confirm that the photo ID was received, our customers will typically setup an automatic reply with an SMS or MMS message. The response message will prevent the customer from submitting the photo multiple times.

set up mms keywords for photo id verification
Route MMS submissions

Route Photo Submissions to Your Own Server

You can process the submitted pictures on your own server. We can send you the photos in real-time using the API. If processing does not need to be done immediately, then we can SFTP a ZIP file containing all of the photos submitted each hour.