Photo ID Verification by MMS

Use MMS to receive photos of your customers identification cards in order to verify their identity or other identifiable information such as their home address. The challenge with certain enrollment processes today is that it requires proof of identity and most people do not have a picture of the ID card on their computer. These people end up having to either scan their ID, or take a picture and email it to themselves. . Our secure solution enables customers to submit pictures from their phone by MMS and enables you to securely receive and manage your customer’s submitted photo content.

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Route MMS submissions

Receive MMS Pictures on a short code

There are three ways a customer can submit a picture by MMS.

  • They can submit the picture to your short code without a keyword. This technique only works with one campaign per shortcode.
  • They can submit the picture to your short code along with a keyword. This technique enables multiple picture submission campaigns per short code however if a customer misspells the keyword then it is not processed.
  • They can start an SMS conversation and then in the conversation submit the picture after being asked. This will route to the proper campaign however the customer must first start the dialogue via SMS.

Confirm delivery with response messages

Once a customer submits their images, our platform will reply with an auto-response SMS or MMS message to confirm that their photo ID was received. You can also setup another auto-response SMS or MMS after you approve the image.  By creating a response message after ‘approving’ of an image in the moderation panel you can inform your customers that they have moved on to the next stage in the process.

set up mms keywords for photo id verification
Route MMS submissions

Route multimedia message submissions to your own server

We give you the ability to process the submitted Photo IDs on your own server. In some cases processing needs to happen in real-time, other times it requires batch processing. Skycore supports both the real-time API notifications and secure FTP of MMS content in batched intervals.