Email Address Collection using Text Messaging

When building an email marketing list, it is important to have a low friction email address collection method. Our mobile marketing platform allows you to collect email addresses through text messaging. Your customer can simply text their email address to a short code or reply with their email address to a message you send them in order to opt-in to your email list.

Begin effortlessly collecting customer email addresses today.

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A low friction email opt-in

Typically, requesting the email address from your customers on a mobile device would require the customer to click a link and fill out a form or type in a website address. Each additional step in the opt-in process will increase the probability of the customer abandoning the opt-in process altogether. By using text messaging you can start an opt-in process anytime and anywhere, without the customer having to take the time to browse your website or type in your website address. By using SMS keywords they can submit their email address directly to you as part of a conversation.

Simple text or a text with multimedia

When you request the customer’s email address, the message you send can be a simple text message (ie an SMS), or one that includes multimedia: such as a picture text or video text (ie MMS). Multimedia messages are engaging and can keep the attention of the customer for a longer period of time. Additionally, you can deliver incentives such as mobile coupons or coupon codes for the customers who opt in.

sms text