Email Address Collection using Text Messaging

Our mobile marketing platform allows you to collect email addresses through text messaging. Your customer can simply reply with their email address to a message you send them in order to add them to your email list.

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A Low Friction Email Opt-in

Typically, requesting the email address from your customers on a mobile device would require the customer to click a link and fill out a form. By using text messaging you can text message the link directly to their device. Customers can submit their email address directly to you as part of a 2-way SMS conversation instead of filling out the form.

Convert better with Multimedia Messaging

You can request the customer’s email address by sending them a simple text message or one that includes multimedia. Multimedia messages are engaging and can keep the attention of the customer for a longer period of time. Additionally, you can deliver incentives such as mobile coupons or coupon codes  after they submit their email address.

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