Digital Card Issuance to Mobile Wallets

Digital Student IDs, Member Cards, Loyalty Cards and other cards can be easily generated and delivered to your customers’ mobile devices. Once your audience receives the digital card, he or she can simply save it in their  mobile wallet.

Begin sending digital cards to your customers phones today.

How to create a digital card for a mobile wallet?

You can create a mobile wallet objects such as Digital Student IDs, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards using our Apple Wallet Pass Template Builder. Each digital card can contain a logo, text, and barcode. We provide several barcode types, including QR code, Aztec, PDF417 and Code 128.

digital card template builder
loyalty cards

How to deliver the digital card?

Once your digital card is designed, you can import your CRM data into our platform to personalize each card delivered. After that, the digital card can be easily delivered to the audience through SMS/MMS, Email, or other channels. After receiving the digital card, your customer can simply click save and store the card in their mobile wallet.

How to track the digital card installation status?

After delivering the digital cards to your customers’ mobile devices you will want to check the installation statistics to ensure that your digital offers are enticing enough for your customer to save. We give you the option to get statistics by date regarding the amount of digital cards installed. You can also view the type of devices that the digital cards are being installed on to better understand the customer profile.

mobile wallet performance graph