Customer Engagement with 2-Way Text Messaging

With the increasing amount of time people are spending on their mobile phones, it is important for marketers to engage with their audience using text messaging. Also, marketers can learn more about their customers by having 2-way text conversations. We enable you to have 2 way conversations and engage with customers using rich media messaging.

Begin communicating with your customers today.

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How to use 2 way communication for customer engagement?

Our SMS marketing platform allows you to collect more information about your audience by asking them questions and having a conversation. You can ask a multiple choice question or an open ended question to get a response from each subscriber. Defining the conditional question and answer flow will allow you to ask only what is needed from each person over multiple messages.

When your customer responds to an SMS question, their answers get saved as part of their profile. All of the two way communication data can be viewed in the Audience Manager page and exported to an external CSV file. The data you collect from your interactions can be used for further customer segmentation and targeting.

SMS Data Collection using 2-way Conversation
schedule auto-responders for sms or mms campaigns

How to trigger or schedule messages to continue the dialogue?

SMS and MMS messages can be sent out as scheduled messages or triggered by an action taken by the customer. By setting up  automated messages, you are able to have an ongoing dialogue with your audience. By tailoring your responses you can trigger offers or information that is relevant to the customer at the time based on their answers.