Mobile Marketing Solutions

Learn more about Text Message Marketing

We offer an online mobile marketing solution that help you to create SMS & MMS marketing campaigns.

Learn more about Digital Card issuance with MMS

Easily generate coupons, gift cards, event tickets, boarding passes, and loyalty cards for mobile wallet apps, such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Learn more about SMS Mobile App Promotion

Promote apps using an SMS keyword and respond with a smart URL to direct the user to the app store. 

Learn more about Employee SMS Notifications

Use SMS & MMS to communicate with your employees.  Provide training, get feedback and field data.

Learn more about Digital Coupon Delivery

You can create personalized digital coupon images and deliver them as an MMS.

Learn more about SMS Promo Codes

You can send promo codes in an SMS for use on your ecommerce website or app.

Learn more about vCards for Brokers and Agents

Businesses can send their contact info as a vCard directly to their customers’ mobile phone which can be saved in their contact.

Learn more about delivering tickets via text messaging

Ticket sellers use our mobile ticketing technology to deliver a digital tickets to the phones of their customers.

Learn more about Citizen Engagement Solutions

Reach out to citizens with compelling video and picture messages.

Learn more about Tourism marketing

Engage tourists with information about amusement parks and attractions using text messaging.

Learn more about sending mobile receipts

Deliver digital receipts to your customers using text messaging.