Multimedia Messaging

SMS Messaging.

Skycore has been delivering SMS messages for years and we offer a simple set of online tools and APIs to enable your campaigns. We support high throughput bulk SMS messaging campaigns as well 2-way SMS interactive campaigns for customer engagement or data collection. You can use our Campaiagn Manager web app or API's to send and receive SMS messages.

MMS Messaging.

We deliver MMS messages at high throughput with very low delivery latency. Each MMS is transcoded into a variety of file sizes, screens sizes and mime types to ensure the best user experience. We are able to deliver MMS to 99% of devices on the market today provided we have access to the network. When we cannot deliver the MMS we gracefully fall back to an SMS link to the MMS content. We support multiple languages like French, Spanish and Arabic and all message data is encrypted at rest for maximum security. You can use our MMS Design tool to compose and store MMS marketing content or our API's to trigger them from your own systems.