Multimedia Messaging

We specialize in text messaging(SMS) and multimedia messaging(MMS).

Skycore's MMS messages are delivered at high throughput with very low latency. Our MMS transcoding is top notch supporting a variety of file sizes and video codecs. Our MMS deliverability is unmatched by our peers. We are able to deliver MMS to over 99% of devices on the market today. When we cannot deliver the MMS to the device we gracefully fall back to an SMS link to the MMS content. Skycore has also supported SMS messaging for our entire existence and have a number of SMS marketing features included. We are able to support both high throughput bulk SMS messaging campaigns as well as 1 to 1 interactive 2-way SMS campaigns.

MMS content transcoding included

Our transcoding engines will ensure the maximum deliverability of each message regardless of network or handset. We take into account the file formats supported by the device and the network as well as the screen size and the maximum file size supported.

We support a variety of languages

We deliver both SMS and MMS using UTF-8bit encoding to support languages other than English. This means we support all Latin based languages like French and Spanish as well as Non-Latin languages like Arabic.

Encryption of both user and message data

We use SSL/TLS to encrypt messages in transport. Message text is also encrypted at rest within the messaging application using 2048bit encryption before being stored in the database.