SMS Messaging

SMS stands for Short Message Service. An SMS message is a text message that can be sent from one mobile phone to another and can include up to 160 characters. Text messages can also be sent from a business to a mobile phone for mobile marketing purposes. Skycore has been in the mobile marketing business for many years. We offers a simple set of online tools and SMS API’s for businesses to communicate with their target audience by SMS.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a cost-effective way to reach out to your customers. We support high throughput scheduled mass SMS marketing campaigns as well as 2-way SMS interactive conversations for customer engagement or customer data collection.


Skycore has over a decade of experience delivering SMS messaging campaigns. Our SMS messaging platform was designed for SMS marketing campaigns. You can use our online campaign manager or SMS API’s to opt-in your customers or employees. Once you have built up your text message marketing subscriber list you can send messages such as mobile text alerts or coupon codes.

Use SMS messaging for your SMS marketing campaigns