Mobile Wallet Pricing

Pricing at any scale


Monthly Fee

Pass Records

Pass Updates

Tier 1


10,000 included

0.0249 / additional record

No Cap


at 2 updates / sec

Tier 2


25,000 included

0.0192 / additional record

No Cap


at 3 updates / sec

Tier 3


50,000 included

0.0148 / additional record

No Cap


at 5 updates / sec

Tier 4


100,000 included

0.0114 / additional record

No Cap


at 5 updates / sec

Tier 5


250,000 included

$0.0088/ additional record

No Cap


at 10 updates / sec

Tier 6


500,000 included

$0.0067 / additional record

No Cap


at 15 updates / sec

Tier 7


1,000,000 included

$0.0052 / additional record

No Cap


at 20 updates / sec

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Included with all Tiers:

Email Chat Support

Email and Chat Support


Access to Wallet APIs

Apple wallet certificate

Apple Pass Signing Certificates Set Up

Google pay setup

Google Pay Accounts Set Up

Automatic clean up

Automated Pass Data Record Cleanup

Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

At the beginning of each month, we will send you an invoice for your tier, including any add-ons. In addition, we will include any transaction fees or overage fees from the prior month. Overage fees are calculated based on the number of Pass records included and the per record fee for your tier. Monthly fees are calculated based on the tier that you commit to and the maximum daily count of records that existed in your account over the prior month.

Can I use one account for multiple clients?

No, all wallet accounts will only support a single brand. However, you can have as many Pass Templates as you would like in that one account. You can also log in to multiple accounts with a single email address if your company manages multiple brands.

Can I pay less if I don’t need throughput included or don’t plan on updating my Passes?

No, each tier includes a certain throughput for Pass Records. This means that you are guaranteed a certain number of updates per second, even if there are other updates in progress and in front of your updates in the queue. If you need more throughput for your Pass updates, you can purchase an additional update per second as an add-on.

Can I remove pass records that are no longer in use?

Yes, you can remove Pass records three ways. First, you can delete a record programmatically through our API or manually through our Wallet Data Management Interface. Second, you can also set a TTL (time to live) on each Pass Record which will automatically delete the record after a certain amount of time or on a specific date. Third, you can set restrictions on the TTL as well. For example, it could be applied only if the Pass was never installed, uninstalled or expired. This means that you can automatically expire or remove Pass records from your account that you do not need and keep the ones that are installed or are recently generated.

Will I be charged for passes that are stored in your system but have not been installed yet or have been uninstalled?

You are charged for all of the Pass records stored in our system whether they are installed or not. The tier that you commit to includes a specific number of records, however, you can upgrade to a higher tier for the next month if you anticipate a substantial increase in volume. You can delete or archive Pass records from our system to stay within your budget. There is no limit on how many Pass records you can store in our system.

How does cancellation work?

If you would like to cancel, we require that you inform us at least 60 days in advance so that we can properly migrate your data and provide you with a full data export upon your last day of service. Please contact us by email to give notice of cancellation.

What payment options are available?

We will send you an invoice and accept Wire Transfer, Check, or Credit Card payment options.

Can I use your service in other countries?

Yes, our mobile wallet service is available in all countries.

Can I export my pass data?

Yes, you can export your pass record data in a CSV file format.

Is there a charge to import pass data?

No, there is no charge to import dynamic pass data.