Mobile Wallet Pass Management Platform

Design and Issue Loyalty & Gift Cards, Tickets, and Coupons for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

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Design Wallet Passes

Design Capabilities

  • Create Passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay
  • Choose from different Pass templates: coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, or event tickets
  • Add your logo and creative images
  • Store and update multiple Pass designs

Personalize Each Pass

  • Create personalized Passes by importing personalized data in a .CSV file or by calling our unified API
  • Personalize names, images, barcodes, account numbers, PIN numbers, and other visual data
  • Send personalized Passes to customers by MMS, SMS, API, mobile app, web, or email

Unified Mobile Wallet Experience for Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Unified Apple wallet and Google Pay

Unified Pass Types

Our unified Pass types ensure that customers will always receive a Pass that looks the same on both Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Unified APIs

Our unified wallet APIs provide a convenient solution to manage, generate, issue, and update passes with one API for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Unified Issuance Process

When a Pass is issued and sent to a device, a universal smart link detects the type of Wallet app on the device and enables customers to simply click on the link and save the Pass into either Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Unified Pass Status Callback

Unified status callback give updates in real-time about whether the pass has been successfully generated, unsuccessfully generated, installed or uninstalled for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

View Installation Analytics and Manage Pass Data

Pass Stats

Installation Analytics

  • View statistics on the number of Passes installed and uninstalled
  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns for promoting Pass installs

Wallet Data Management

  • Manage the unique data linked to each Pass record
  • Import & Export Pass data by CSV

Update Passes in Mobile Wallets

Updated Mobile wallet passes

Update Template or Data

  • Update a specific Pass with personalized info
  • Update a Pass template to update all Passes

Instant Updates via API

  • Update each Pass individually
  • Retrieve data about each Pass

Bulk Updates via Import

  • Import a .CSV file with new data
  • Update a single field or multiple fields at once

Customer Engagement through Mobile Wallet

Location based marketing

Beacon Technology

  • Define beacon UUID, Major and Minor values in each Pass to display a message on customers’ screens when the beacon is detected in a range
  • Beacons provide hyper-local customer engagement and even work in areas where GPS might not be available
  • Beacon settings can be unique for each Pass and updated through our API

Location-based Marketing

  • Define a geofence of a GPS location for each Pass to notify customers on their lock screens when they are nearby
  • Create multiple locations for each Pass template
  • GPS Locations can be unique for each Pass and updated through our API

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