Mobile Wallet Pass Management Platform

Design and Issue Loyalty & Gift Cards, Tickets, and Coupons for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Skycores Mobile Messaging Platform

Design and Personalize Wallet Passes

Pass Design Tool

Pass Design Tool

Create digital loyalty cards, coupons, event tickets and more for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. Our online Pass Template builder enables you to create, save, and update unlimited Pass designs. Customize each Pass Template design by adding logos, creative images, background colors, and more.

Personalize Each Pass Issued

Create unique Passes for each recipient by importing unique data in a .CSV file or by using our API. Personalized Pass data can include names, images, barcodes, account numbers, ID numbers, and other visual data. The Pass data is merged into the MMS Template that you designed and generated for each customer. You can then issue these personalized Passes to your customers by MMS, SMS, API, mobile app, web, email, or QR codes so they can effortlessly save these to their Wallet.

Unified Mobile Wallet Experience for Apple Wallet & Google Wallet

Unified Pass Design

Unified Pass Appearance

We’ve done most of the legwork to ensure that customers will receive a Pass that looks similar on both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. This will enable your employees to visually recognize your Passes and provide customers with a consistent visual experience.


Single API

Our API provides a convenient unified solution to manage, generate, issue, and update passes with one API for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet rather than integrating with various APIs for each Wallet.

Pass Issuance

Smart Issuance Process

When a Pass is issued and sent to a device, our smart link technology detects the type of Wallet app on the device, and enables customers to simply click on the link and save the Pass into either Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. If you disable sharing, after a Pass is installed it will also disable the smart link.

Pass Statistics

Unified Reporting

We can provide your system updates in real-time about whether the pass has been successfully created, installed or uninstalled for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. Unified Reporting enables you to track the Pass across platforms, devices and users.

Pass Stats

View Installation Analytics and Manage Pass Data

Installation Analytics

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns that promote Pass installs by viewing how many Passes have been installed or uninstalled. You can also see statistics on the percentage of Passes installed on Apple Wallet versus Google Wallet.

Wallet Data Management

Manage the unique data linked to each Pass record by viewing and updating individual records directly from the platform. You can then analyze your Pass data by exporting the Pass Records in a CSV file.

Update Templates & Installed Passes

Update Templates or Individual Data

Update your Pass Templates to update the static data on all of your installed Passes. Individual Pass data can be updated from the platform by updating a specific Pass Record with new personalized data.

Instant Updates via API

Use our simple API to automatically update individual Passes with new unique data. You can then use our GetPassData API to retrieve all of the data for an individual Pass.

Bulk Updates via Import

Passes can be updated in bulk through our Pass Update Manager on the platform. You can update Passes by importing a CSV file containing the new data. Update single or multiple fields at once for multiple Passes.

Pass Stats

Customer Engagement through Mobile Wallet

Location based marketing

Beacon Technology

iBeacons are bluetooth enabled devices that provide hyper-local customer engagement notifications for Apple Wallet Passes. Because beacons are hardware devices, they work in areas where GPS may not be available. Define beacon UUID, Major and Minor values in each Pass to display a message on customers’ screens when the beacon is detected in a range. Beacon settings can be unique for each Pass and updated through our API.


Location-based Marketing

Location-based notifications are used to notify customers on their lock and home screens when they are nearby a specific location. Locations are based on a latitude and longitude and can be set for a Pass template or an individual user. Up to 10 locations can be set for each Pass and can be updated as needed through our API or importing new unique locations.

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