Mobile Wallet

Design Wallet Passes

Design Capabilities

  • Create Passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay
  • Choose from different Pass templates: coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, or event tickets
  • Add your logo and creative images
  • Store and update multiple Pass designs

Personalize Each Pass

  • Create personalized Passes by importing personalized data in a .CSV file or by calling our unified API
  • Personalize names, images, barcodes, account numbers, PIN numbers, and other visual data
Design and Issue Mobile Wallet Passes

Send Wallet Passes

Send via MMS or SMS


  • Deliver Passes to customers’ phones by MMS or SMS with a universal smart link
  • Depending on the type of the phone, the Pass will be delivered in a way that it can be installed into the device’s mobile wallet app
Send via Email


  • We will provide a universal smart URL to the Pass that can be used in marketing emails
  • Passes are automatically generated when the smart URL is clicked
  • Add variables into the URL to customize the Pass for each recipient
Send via API or App

API or App

  • Request a Pass from your server through our Wallet API
  • You can also use your mobile app to request a Pass through our API
Send via Web


  • We can host the landing page and the smart link to download your Passes
  • Use social media or a QR code to promote the link to customers

View Installation Analytics and Manage Pass Data

Installation Analytics

  • View statistics on the number of Passes installed and uninstalled
  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns for promoting Pass installs
  • Track the performance of wallet marketing campaigns

Wallet Data Management

  • Manage the personalized data and information of installed Passes
  • Import & Export digital Pass data

Update Passes in Mobile Wallets

Update Settings

  • Set a date and time to schedule a Pass update
  • Update a Pass template to update all Passes

Instant Updates via API

  • Update each Pass individually through our API
  • Retrieve data about each Pass through our API

Bulk Updates via Import

  • Import a .CSV file with new data for the update
  • Schedule a bulk update from the imported data to all installed Passes
  • Update a single field or multiple fields at once
Mobile Wallet Digital Card Notification
Drive Customer Engagement through GeoFencing

Customer Engagement through Mobile Wallet

Beacon Technology

  • Define beacon UUID, Major and Minor values in each Pass to display a message on customers’ screens when the beacon is detected in a range
  • Beacons provide hyper-local customer engagement and even work in areas where GPS might not be available
  • Beacon settings can be unique for each Pass and updated through our API

Location-based Marketing

  • Define a geofence of a GPS location for each Pass to notify customers on their lock screens when they are nearby
  • Create multiple locations for each Pass template
  • GPS Locations can be unique for each Pass and updated through our API