Mobile Optimized Email

Deliver Beautiful Responsive Email

Responsive email adapts to the size of the readers screen. The email text is wrapped and sized properly while images intelligently expand depending on the horizontal or vertical view.

Send Email using your Domain

We deliver your mobile optimized email through your existing email infrastructure or provider so that the messages appear to be coming from your domain. Delivering emails through your existing mail servers allows you to retain full control over the deliverability of your email servers.

passbook mobile wallet technology
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Device Specific Background Images

Serving background images in emails can be tricky. Due to limitations in the way certain mobile device clients handle background image html tags we serve background images dynamically based on which device is viewing the email. When a mobile device is requesting the image we serve one size and when a desktop is requesting the image we serve a different size. In the background we host both images and have a database of email clients allowing us to know which image to serve. We allow you to upload both images separately so you could even display a different image depending on the device.

Rich Media Content Hosting

When you create emails with rich media content such as images, backgrounds, and videos; it is important that you have the bandwidth to serve these files faster than your customers can open them. Skycore will put your content on a CDN so that there is no delay in downloading these files during bulk email delivery.

mobile video email

Serving Dynamic Video Formats

Skycore has a proprietary database of device profiles, which enables us to serve the proper video format when a customer clicks the video link provided in the email. Simply upload a high quality video and let us transcode the video into a High, Medium, or Low resolution video that is optimized for playback on many different devices. Once the user clicks the video link, we will serve them one of the converted video formats created from your original video. We embed an HTML5 player into emails to enable instant video playback on certain devices, such as the iPhone®. If the device or email client is not HTML5 capable, then the HTML5 player gracefully downgrades to displays a video thumbnail image and a link to play the video.

Design Responsive Email

Design Responsive Emails

Create rich, mobile optimized emails that look amazing on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. The user interface enables you to drag and drop content into an email template to create a visually pleasing HTML email. Add features such as images, video, Passbook, social media, or personalized text. The HTML and CSS of your email are generated automatically when you drag and drop elements into the email template from the email design tool. You can preview how it looks and make edits without digging into the code at all. More advanced users can add their own custom HTML.

design responsive emails
background responsive emails

Upload Beautiful Background Images

Spice up your email templates with email background images. Upload your images, photographs, or animated gifs and apply them as the background of your emails . The background image acts as if it would on a website where you can overlay text, buttons and other images on top of the background. We provide specific dimensions for your background so that it fills the mobile screen. If the device does not show images by default the text overlay will still be displayed.

Add Passbook Passes to Emails

Insert Passbook passes into emails so customers can receive them and install them into their mobile wallets. You can create passes in the Pass Creation Tool and then add them to your email in the Email Design Tool. You can send coupons, tickets, event passes, memberships, loyalty cards and more in your email. You can use the email API to personalize the Passbook Pass while triggering the email to be sent.

email merge tags

Personalize each Email with Merge Tags

Merge tags make email personalization easy and intuitive. You can name each merge tag whatever you want and define a default text as a fallback for any missing data. You can upload a CSV spreadsheet and assign each column to a merge tag in your message. You can also use the API to push merge tag data into the system.

Manage Email Opt-ins

Email Audience Management Tools

The Email Audience Manager lets you view and manage the list of people who have subscribed to receive email communications from you. The Audience Manager also stores the other information you have collected about your subscribers such as name or zip code. Email opt-ins are typically acquired through forms on a web page or by asking a subscriber to send a text message in with their email address. You can import a .csv file with customer contact information you have collected other ways. Additionally, you can use our APIs to add email addresses to your lists automatically.

email opt-in tool

Comply with Can-Spam regulations

The Email Audience Manager enables you to comply with the Can-Spam laws by automatically generating an “Unsubscribe” link and adding business contact info in the email footer of every message sent. Additionally, the email list management API lets you sync your lists with your own CRM.

Segment and Create Profiles for Each Subscriber

Each subscriber may have additional information collected about them during the opt-in process such as their name or zipcode. You may also want to append other data about the customer so that the email you send them can be personalized. This information can come from additional fields in the opt-in forms or it can be imported by CSV or by the API. Any profile attribute can be used to personalize each email message with mail merge technology.

Bulk Email Scheduling

Message Scheduling Tools and APIs

The Email Campaign Manager lets you schedule email messages to be delivered to your opt-in database. You can schedule messages to be delivered on a certain day and time or trigger a sequence of auto response emails after opt-in. Our APIs allow you to design the email template online and then trigger the template to be delivered by an API call. You can include customer information in the API call that can be merged into the email template during delivery.

email scheduler
email drip

Schedule Email Delivery Over Time (Drip)

The Email Campaign Manager lets you schedule an email drip campaign, in which you can send a limited number of emails to your list each day. You can select which days of the week and at what hours you would like to send. You can edit your drip campaign settings any time as you gauge effectiveness of the campaign. You can also edit your email template during the campaign if it requires updates.