Shared Short Codes

Use our shared short code

We offer our customers the option to use a shared short code for short term sms campaigns or advertisements that include a texting component . We currently only offer shared short codes for use within the United States.

shared short codes example

Start you campaign immediately

Dedicated short codes can sometimes take 8-10 weeks to provision. The time it takes to provision a new dedicated code can lead to missed opportunities. Often a business needs to start subscribing customers immediately.  We therefore have shared short codes available to use while your dedicated code is being setup.

Migrate your existing subscribers

You can transfer your existing list to us from another sms platform provider. We will import your subscribed numbers into your account. The only requirement is that your subscribers being transferred were all opt-in according to the FCC’s TCPA regulations.

Dedicated Short Codes

Example of dedicated short codes

Lease a new dedicated short code

It is important to pick the right partner to provision your dedicated short code. We will file your dedicated short code application with the carriers for both SMS and MMS connectivity. Our platform automatically takes care of all of the message flow requirements, privacy disclosures, and legal compliance required during short code certification.

Migrate your short code from another vendor

If you already have a short code we can connect to your existing aggregator or we can move your code to our aggregation account. We can also add MMS messaging to your existing short code during a migration if your code does not already support it. Adding MMS to an existing short code will not disrupt your current SMS traffic.

Add MMS to your SMS short code

If you already have a short code and aggregator you can continue to use them and use Skycore for MMS only. Adding MMS to an existing short code will not disrupt your current SMS traffic.