MMS Messaging

MMS Marketing

MMS marketing messages include multimedia content such as pictures, audio, video, customized content and more. Skycore offers a platform that enables you to create and send your MMS messages. Each piece of uploaded content is transcoded into a variety of file sizes, screens sizes, and mime types to ensure the best quality is delivered to all compatible devices. We are able to deliver MMS marketing messages to 99% of mobile devices on the market, provided that we have access to the carrier network. When we cannot deliver the MMS, we gracefully send an SMS with a link to the content, ensuring your message is delivered. The body of the text of our MMS messages supports multiple languages including English, French, Spanish and Arabic. MMS messaging initiates mass text messaging conversations between you and your customers that are more interesting and engaging. Moreover, it provides a better branding opportunity where content can be saved or watched without opening a browser. Because it is significantly more engaging, the conversion and click through rate of MMS is higher than SMS.  We deliver bulk MMS marketing campaigns at high throughput. You can use our MMS design tool to compose and store marketing content. You can send the marketing content in a mass text messaging campaign or trigger them individually as a personalized auto-response. We also offer MMS APIs to trigger and personalize messages from your own system. The MMS marketing content can be promotion codes, videos, barcoded mobile coupons or other multimedia messaging files.

MMS APIs for personalized dynamic messages


Skycore’s MMS APIs deliver rich media with either custom text or custom images in each message. We have the server infrastructure required to send personalized MMS messaging in high message volumes and with high throughput. We also provide the needed bandwidth for delivering the unique pieces of rich media content to each phone and transcode it for the devices.

High Throughput Delivery

Delivering MMS at high throughput and low latency is essential to the campaign success.  However, it can be a challenge if you do not have specialized infrastructure to do so. It is also a challenge doing proper content transcoding for each recipient’s device. Skycore has solved these problems and hosts dedicated A2P MMS infrastructure for some of the largest service providers and mobile network operators

MMS API Features

Perform a device detection test prior to sending the actual MMS content. This will allows us to identify the device ensuring that we send the best content possible based on the device’s specifications.

Receive MMS MO (Mobile Originated) from customers’ or employees’ mobile phones through the platform or MMS API.

Certain carrier networks allow you to use an Alphanumeric name as the sender instead of a phone number or short code.

All MMSs submitted to Skycore are encrypted in transit (SSL/TLS) and at rest.

Use Merge Tags to replace text content within an MMS with personalized CRM data.


Send MMS messages with Emoticons (emojis) and special characters (non-latin character sets).

Receive message delivery status updates in real-time with our MMS API.

Multiple customers sending messages by the MMS API at the same time will not affect each other or cause latency.

We transcode each MMS API request into multiple formats and deliver the format that is optimized for the recipient device.

create mms marketing messages with the mms composer

MMS Creator Tool

You can use the MMS Composer tool to design rich media MMS messages and save them for later use. Drag and drop content to create MMS messages or to edit the appearance of a previously created multimedia message. Once you have designed your message you can save it so that it can be scheduled for delivery later. We will optimize the saved MMS messages to ensure proper delivery to all recipients. Use merge tags within the MMS text to personalize the message for each recipient. Collect data containing your personalized variables linked to the phone number or use the API to pass personalized text. You also may add content that is unique for each delivery.

Online MMS Preview Tool

Use our MMS preview tool to see the MMS templates you have created. Each mobile phone renders the MMS messages slightly differently so this tool can give you a preview of what it might look like on various operating systems. The MMS preview tool supports iPhone, Android, and “Feature Phone” preview options.

preview mms marketing messages

MMS Inbox to receive picture and video messages

The MMS Inbox lets you receive picture submissions or video submissions from customers by MMS and moderate the submitted content online. You can setup an MMS Inbox for picture or video submissions to use on a shared short code or a dedicated short code for both subscribers and non-subscribers to submit their content. You can setup text alerts with the auto-responder as a confirmation for the customers informing them that their content was received. Common uses for the MMS Inbox are identity verification, photo contests and photo claim submission. We provide you with the tools to review and export the content.

Picture Submission Moderation & Forwarding

We support sending your customers submissions to your server for processing. We support both the real-time API notifications and secure FTP of MMS content in batched intervals.

MMS Inbox for Identity Verification

Receive MMS Images and Videos from your Customers

Submitting a photo ID online may be a simple way to perform identity verification; the problem is that most people do not have photos of their ID cards on their computer or mobile device. The process of taking a picture and then transferring it to the computer adds complexity and time to the process. The solution is to use MMS for photo ID verification of a person’s identity. Not only can the photo be taken easily but the phone number that comes with the submission can be checked against the account using two factors authentication.

MMS Inbox for Photo Contests

Advertising your photo contest across many marketing channels commonly requires the customer to remember the URL of your photo submission form. By using MMS for photo submission contests you do not need to worry about your customers remembering the URL of your contest. By texting the photo to the short code the customer can submit a photo without visiting a URL. We can also reply back with an SMS that contains a link to the web submission form for further photo submissions. If your users are already subscribed into a SMS/MMS campaign, you can send a request via SMS or MMS and direct their MMS responses to the appropriate inbox.

MMS for Photo Contests

MMS Inbox for Claim Submission

MMS for Claim Submission

Not every customer wants to download an App in order to submit a claim. In fact, there is often a lot of stress involved during the claim submission process. They may not have the time or the space on their device to download an app and go through the app registration process to identify them. Using MMS for claim submission is a simple one step process that requires no training. Everyone knows how to use SMS/MMS already. Identifying the customer is easy using the phone number and the customer does not need to go through a time consuming registration process. All companies who accept claims should have an MMS Inbox setup to receive these messages from customers. If further information, such as the customer’s account number is necessary for security purposes, you can set up MMS text validation to have alongside the image.