A2P MMS Gateway for Wireless Carriers and SMS Gateway Providers

We provide MMS gateway infrastructure to mobile network operators, SMS aggregators and marketing platforms for customer engagement and wholesale A2P MMS offerings.


Our MMS gateway solution is used by mobile network operators to market new products and services to their own subscribers. We also enable them to wholesale A2P MMS by deploying our A2P MMS gateway in the cloud or on premise. Our gateway solution enables carriers to manage MMS service providers MM7 connections to their network. The solution also connects to carriers internal marketing automation systems for delivering subscriber engagement promotions.

MMS gateway solution used to market new products

SMS Gateway Providers

We provide MMS gateway software to SMS gateway providers so they can offer an MM7 API to their existing customers. Our MMS software routes MMS messages between their customers and their mobile network operator binds.

Provides MMS gateway software to SMS gateway providers

Application Service Providers

We offer MMS gateway software to texting application platforms to enable their customers to send and receive transactional or bulk MMS messages to any carrier or aggregator MMS gateway.

Application Service Providers

Administrative Feature for MMS Service Providers

MMS Bind Management

  • Manage Binds through an online UI
  • Manage binds by an HTTP API.
  • Monitor Binds using tools like Nagios
  • Monitor Binds on the User Interface.

MMS Bind Provisioning

  • Provision MM7 and MM4 binds to Carriers
  • Provision MM7 binds with Service Providers
  • Provision Binds using the User Interface
  • Provision Binds with an API

MMS Route Management

  • Route MMS via Enum/Lookup API
  • Route MMS via Local Database Integration
  • Route MMS via HTTP Headers
  • Route Management User Interface

MMS Bind Monitoring

  • Monitor Bind Throughput & Sockets
  • Monitor Bind HTTP and SOAP Errors
  • Monitor Binds with a Nagios Plugin.
  • Monitor Binds on the User Interface

Transaction Lookup

  • Lookup Transactions by Phone Number
  • Lookup Transactions by Transaction ID
  • Lookup API Calls from Service Providers
  • Lookup Callbacks to Service Providers

Billing & Reporting

  • Report generation per Service Provider
  • Report generation per Short Code
  • Reports can be expired by CSV

MMSC Server & VASP MM7 Gateway Protocols


  • Supports direct delivery to handset.
  • Supports content transcoding allowed
  • Supports 2G/3G/4G networks
  • Supports all standard MIME types


  • Supports direct carrier interconnection
  • Supports inter-connection providers
  • Supports throughput metering
  • Supports file size limits


  • Supports MM7 version 5.30 and v6.8.0
  • Supports HTTPS/TLS encryption
  • Supports throughput metering
  • Supports Basic Authentication
  • Supports max filesize
  • Supports IP whitelisting
  • Supports connection metering
  • Supports VAS/VASP Authentication