Mass Text Messaging

Schedule mass text messaging campaigns

The mass text messaging campaign manager lets you schedule SMS or MMS to be delivered to your opt-in list. You can schedule text alerts to be delivered immediately or at a specific time in the future. You can schedule all of your messages in advance and then edit the schedule if the campaign changes. You can schedule your messages based on the recipient phone number’s local time zone.

Schedule sms with mass text messaging software
Schedule text alerts and auto-responses.

Schedule triggered text alerts with autoresponders

Setup an SMS auto-response that automatically sends a picture message or text message response after some well defined trigger. The most common auto-response trigger is after the end user confirms their opt-in. Other triggers include specific replies to an SMS message you sent them in a scheduled campaign.

Ask SMS questions and collect answer replies

SMS can be used to collect data about a customer. It is possible to send an SMS question and then store the SMS reply in the customer profile. This enables you to ask open ended questions and receive textual replies without requiring a keyword in the response. Each reply is linked to the phone number of the customer. Collecting Email addresses using SMS is a great way to opt-in customers to an email campaign. You can send an SMS message that asks the customer to reply with their email address. The email address is stored as an attribute in the SMS subscribers profile and subscribed to an email campaign.

collect email addresses by sms
Manage Opt-in’s mobile marketing software

Manage opt-in’s with our mobile marketing software

Our mobile marketing software lets you manage all of the people who have opted-in to receive communication from you by text message. You can build your opt-in list using SMS keywords or through opt-in forms on a landing page. Your customers can opt-out by sending a text message with the word STOP or you can opt-out customers through the API or Website. We also have APIs available to keep the status of each subscriber in sync with your own CRM systems. We will ensure that you can only send messages if the customer remains subscribed. If they have unsubscribed we will block the message from being sent. We retain proof of every written consent Opt-in and Opt-out for any future compliance audit.

Use our mobile marketing automation software to setup automated SMS conversations

The audience manager lets store data about each customer by having 2 way sms conversations and saving their replies. You can start conversations by setting up autoresponders or scheduling mass sms texts where the message is a question and you expect a response. You can also import the customer data into the audience manager by CSV or API. All of the customer data stored in the audience manager can also be used to personalize your messages to subscribers.

marketing automation software for text messaging

Segment, Import and Export your Lists

Filter your SMS opt-in list and export the filtered numbers to create new lists or measure performance. Filters such as opt-in date, mobile carrier, and time zone are available. You can also remove or unsubscribe customers based on a filter.