Landing Pages

Landing Page Software

If you ever wondered how to build a landing page, you have come to the right place. We provide all of the tools to create great looking landing pages online. Our landing page software includes features such as opt-in forms and click-to-call buttons. You can use a landing page to opt a customer into an SMS campaign or send to customers who are already subscribed to your list.

Landing Page Templates

You can build landing page templates to opt-in new visitors to your marketing list and to engage existing customers on a recurring basis. The more mobile friendly your landing page template is, the greater the chance of opting a customer into your list is. Our mobile landing page software enables you to design beautiful landing pages which give your customers an optimized experience on their mobile devices and tablets.

Design landing page templates with Skycores landing page software

Landing Page Designer Tool

You can use our landing page designer to build easy-to-navigate pages without knowing HTML. These pages look good on a desktop and are optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Landing page optimization services are included with our software at no charge. You simply upload your media into our drag-and-drop interface and drag it where you would like it to be displayed. You can also customize your page with Facebook Like buttons, app store buttons, opt-in forms and custom HTML elements.

drag and drop landing page designer
add videos to your landing page design

Mobile Image & Video Hosting

Upload videos and images and drag and drop them into your landing pages. We will automatically encode any uploaded image and video file into multiple formats to support different sized screens. We will host mobile video and images on a leading cloud based CDN for the fastest loading times.

Click to Call Button

You can add buttons to your landing page which will trigger a phone call automatically when clicked. You can define the phone number the button calls within our tool and change it anytime.

Click to SMS Button

You can add buttons to your landing page which will trigger text message automatically when clicked. You can define the short code to send the message to as well as the body of the text message or keyword. With this tool you can trigger an SMS opt-in without asking the user to enter their phone number.

Use your own sub-domain

You can point a sub-domain at Skycore’s servers and the landing pages you create will be served from your sub-domain. Your clients will have a fully branded experience for your URLs. This is particularly important for SMS and Social Media campaigns where the URL is visible to the user before clicking it.

App Store Buttons

The Landing Page Designer allows you to add buttons to your landing pages letting your customers know that your app is “Available on the App Store”. Your customers can click those buttons if they are in a mobile device to direct to the app store page. We will detect their device and display the appropriate button and link.

Mobile Video Hosting

You can easily add videos to your landing pages and we will host these videos for you on our servers. We will automatically encode any uploaded video file to support many types of devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops and even old feature phones. We make sure that each video is served to the customer’s device in the best possible format supported by that device. When the video file is viewed our proprietary device detection technology can select and serve the appropriate video format for the device.

mobile video hosting user interface
mobile video hosting statistics page

Mobile Video Analytics

Each landing page that includes a video contains additional statistics about that video. We provide charts that show the number of customers who visited your page, and the number of visitors who watched the video. The charts show the video views by year, month or day depending on the type of report you request.

Online Form Builder.

If you ever wondered how to create an online form or were looking for a powerful form generator then we have the solution for you. With our online form builder you can easily create customizable forms for your landing pages. Your can drag and drop the forms you create into your landing pages using the landing page designer. You can then use your forms to collect data from customers or opt them into an SMS campaign. You can add multiple fields to each form to collect as much data as you may need. You can trigger an auto response sms message containing their personalized information after they submit the form. You can then assign each field a variable name so that you can use it in future messages or export them in a spreadsheet column.

Create mobile optimized Form using our online form builder

Link Shortener

For each landing page you create with the landing page designer, you can generate multiple short urls with our click tracking software. Each time we shorten a url we create a unique id which enables us to track clicks or QR code scans of that particular shortened url. The link shortener itself can use your own domain or it can use one of our tiny urls domains.

example of how we can shorten a link
a chart generated by our click tracking software

Click Tracking Software

Each time we shorten a URL we also generate a statistics page for that link. If you have multiple shortened links pointing to the same landing page, you can also view all of the statistics combined as well. If the page contains a video hosted on our landing page software then we have additional analytics for these video views. We track the number of clicks/scans, page views, and the different device types. You can deactivate and reactivate a shortened link without losing the statistics.