Video Storage

What is the Video Storage page for?

The video storage page is the area where videos would be uploaded to be used in mobile landing pages and emails. This removes the need of waiting while uploading a video every time you want to use it in a mobile landing page or email. Please note that in order to add a video to this page you must add it within the Mobile Video section.

Video Storage

What video formats are accepted?


Video Content Conversion

What size video files are accepted?

The file size limit is 97MB, though the audience that receives it will receive a smaller file, as the video dimensions and quality change to fit the customer’s device.

Is there a limit to the number of videos uploaded?

It depends on your account, some accounts permit unlimited videos. If you reach the limit you may delete videos and upload new ones or upgrade your account.

What happens when I upload a video?

Uploaded videos are encoded to work in a variety of formats. Once encoded, the video appears in the Video Storage Box, where it can be retrieved from for use in landing page creation.

How do I know the video will work on a certain phone?

Every handset has had its video capabilities tested so that whenever a video is sent to the handset, the best format it can handle is recognized. The video will be sent in 3gp, webm, H264 baseline, and H264 HD depending on the handset.

What information is provided in each column of the mobile video storage page?

The different columns display information about each video.

  • The video column can be sorted by name from A-Z or vice versa.
  • The poster is the image display for the video.
  • In the editing column, user can rename the videos and upload a new image to replace the current poster.
  • Size column displays the size of the videos. If you mouse over the number, it shows the Video Codecs. They are: 3gp, webm, H264 baseline, and H264 HD. Depending on the capabilities of each phone, we send a video of the highest quality that it can properly display.
  • Play column lets you play a preview of the videos.
  • Uploaded column shows the date the video was uploaded.

My video is still encoding, do I have to stay on this page until the whole process is complete?

No, the encoding process occurs within the back-end of our system. You can navigate away from this panel and proceed with everything else as the system encodes.

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