Pass Templates

The Pass Templates page is where you can view and edit all of the Pass Templates you have previously created. A Pass Template is an outline of how the Pass will appear on the IOS or Android device. In cases where dynamic data has been added to the Pass, the Pass Template preview will display the default data.

Pass Templates Page
Create Pass TemplateThis will bring you to the Pass Template Builder page where you will be able to design and add static text to your wallet Passes.
Pass TemplateThe name and ID of the Pass template. The Pass Template ID will be required when adding Pass data to the template or generating Passes from the API.
Issuance LinksThe number of Pass Issuance Links associated with this Pass Template. Clicking the number in this column will redirect the user to the Pass Issuance Links page, filtered by that specific Pass Template.
TypeThe Pass type: Gift Card, Boarding Pass, Coupon, Event Ticket, or Loyalty Card
CreatedThe creation date of the Pass template.
UpdatedThe date that the Pass Template was last updated.
PreviewClick the preview link to display a preview of the Pass Template. The default data will serve as a placeholder for any dynamic data.
EditClicking the “Edit” link will open the template in the Pass Template Builder so that it may be edited.
ReplicateCreate an exact copy of a Pass Template. The new/replicated template will have its own unique Pass Template ID. The replicated template will have the same name as the original template with the text “Copy” added to the end of it. Once replicated, changes to either the original template or to the replicated template will not affect each other.
[X]Delete a Pass Template from the platform by selecting the box(es) of the Pass Template(s) you want to remove and then selecting the delete button at the bottom of the page.

Updating a Pass Template #

If you go back and edit a Pass Template from the Pass Templates page and there are already Passes installed for this template, you will see this message upon clicking ‘Save Template’:

Pass templates update notifications

You can either close the Update Information message, which will redirect you back to the Pass Templates page or click ‘View Update’ which will redirect you to the Pass Update Manager page. On the Pass Update Manager page, you will see the update taking place immediately. Updates that happen from editing a Pass Template will have a default update name set by the system, which cannot be edited. These updates will also not include a Pass Update Notification.

Pass Update in progress from a template update

Pass Templates FAQs #

What is the difference between a ‘Pass Template’ and ‘Pass’? #

A Pass Template is an outline of how a Pass will appear, while a Pass is the actual wallet object that will be sent to your customer. The Pass Template shows the Pass with the placeholder or default data.

What happens when I edit a Pass Template? #

After an update is performed on a Pass template, the Pass generated following the update will reflect the new version.

What happens when I delete a Pass Template? #

When a Pass template is deleted, it will no longer appear on the Pass Templates page. New users will not be able to request this Pass, but those who have already received the Pass will still have access to it. You will still be able to view Pass records in the ‘Pass Data Manager’ page.