Pass Template Builder

Create Apple Wallet or Google Pay Passes using our Pass Template Builder. Passes are digital representations of plastic cards and tickets. Coupons, loyalty cards, Boarding Passes, and Gift Cards are a few forms a Pass can take. Below are the general settings used for the creation of a Pass within the Pass Template Builder.

Pass Metadata

Provide the required Pass Metadata.

Pass Template Builder Metadata

Choose Pass TypeThere are five Pass categories to choose from: Gift Card, Boarding Pass, Coupon, Event Ticket, and Loyalty Card. The Pass type selected will determine the layout of the final Pass. Once saved, the Pass type of a Pass template cannot be edited. Each Pass type is the same for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
Choose Pass Sub TypeChoose the subtype of Pass type. The Pass subtype will further determine the layout of the card. Once saved, the Pass subtype cannot be edited. The Pass subtype is the same for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
Template IDA unique, system generated, identifier that is used to identify this Pass template. This ID is used in the API to identify the Pass template and add Pass data.
Template NameA unique name for the Pass Template. The Template name can be edited after saving by clicking ‘Edit’ on the Pass Templates page.
OrganizationThe organization name is displayed on the lock screen when the Pass appears from a relevant location or iBeacon . Choose a name that users will recognize and associate with your organization or company. The organization name can be edited after saving the Template.

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