Pass Issuance Links

Pass Issuance Links are used to send a personalized URL containing a mobile wallet Pass to customers via email or embedded into a website. Pass Issuance Links can be created on Skycore’s mobile wallet platform and personalized as the URLs are sent or displayed to the customer.

Pass Issuance Links Page
Issuance Link NameThe link name is a human-friendly name used to differentiate links in the user interface.
Pass TemplateThe Pass Template associated with the Pass Issuance Link.
Total ClicksThis is the total number of Pass Issuance Links generated for this Link Name and Pass Template.
LimitThis is the generation limit placed on this Pass Issuance Link. When the limit has been reached, the user will receive an error message saying, “Sorry! There was a problem with your request. The max allowed limit of Passes generated using this link has been reached. Please contact the issuer.”
EncryptionProvides detail on whether encryption is used to protect the information appended to this link.
ChecksumIf the checksum is added to protect the Pass Issuance Link, the checksum algorithm will be displayed here.
LinkClick ‘Get Link’ to display a preview of the URL. The default data will serve as a placeholder for any dynamic data. Clicking ‘Get Link’ will also display HTML snippets and “Add to Apple Wallet” and “Save to Google Pay” buttons to embed the links in websites or emails.
CreatedThe creation date of the Pass Issuance Link.
UpdatedThe date that the Pass Issuance Link was last updated.
ViewClicking “View” will open the link in the Pass Issuance Link Builder so that it may be edited.
[X]Delete a Pass Issuance Link from the platform by selecting the box(es) of the Pass Issuance Links(s) that you want to remove and then clicking the delete button at the bottom of the page. If a link is deleted after it’s already sent out, the user will receive an error message saying “This link is no longer valid. Please contact your Pass issuer.”
Pass Issuance Link Builder
Link NameThe Link Name is a human-friendly name used to differentiate links in the user interface.
Unique Link IDThe Link ID is a unique, system-generated, ID assigned to each link when it’s created.
Link Generation LimitSet a limit on how many Passes can be generated using this link. Leave out any commas in the number set here. You will receive an error if commas are added to the number.Incorrect Number Format: 1,000,000
Correct Number Format: 1000000
Link ExpirationSet an expiration date for the issuance link. If the link is clicked on or after the expiration date, the user will receive an error message. Link Expiration dates will only expire the install link. This will NOT expire installed Passes.
Link StatusManually activate or deactivate the issuance link. Users who click a deactivated issuance link will receive an error message.
Pass TemplateSelect the Pass Template that the Pass Issuance Link will be generated for.
Variable NameSelect the variables that the Pass Issuance Link will expect when generating a Pass.
RequiredChoose whether or not the variable is required in the Pass Issuance Link. By default, the box will be checked.
Value EncryptionChoose whether or not the variable will be encrypted.
Pass Issuance Link Builder Security Settings
Value Encryption TypeChoose no encryption or AES-CBC as the encryption type. If any of the variables above have the encryption box checked, you will need to select AES-CBC. If the encryption fails, the user will receive a message saying that there is invalid data. For example, “Sorry! There was a problem with your request. Required data is missing or incomplete. Please contact the issuer[Encryption Not Valid]”.
Key Size in BitsChoose the key size in bits of the encryption key.
Secret KeyAdd the encryption key to protect the variables within the link.
Initialization VectorAdd the initialization vector to encrypt the data.
Link ProtectionChoose whether or not checksum is required. If the checksum fails, the user will receive a message saying “Sorry! Required data in the link is missing, modified or incomplete. Please contact your issuer. [Checksum Failed].”
Checksum AlgorithumChoose the algorithm from the drop-down menu. Supported algorithms: CRC32, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512.
Checksum Applied OnThis option will specify which part of the link will be verified. There are two options:Full Link : This option will let the full Pass Issuance Link including domain, data, and https/http to be verified by a checksum.Query String: This option will use the data passed as a query string in the Pass Issuance link be verified in the checksum.

Helpful Info for Sending Pass Issuance Links: #

Formatting the Issuance Link #

When sending the issuance link, you must remove the { } around the personalized data.

Correct Link Format:$5

Incorrect Link Format:{DEMOPASS1}&loyalty-points-value={100}&secondary-loyalty-points-value={$5}

Adding Spaces within the Issuance Link #

When adding a space to data in the issuance link, you must add ‘%20’ where the space should be within the link.

Correct Link Format:

Incorrect Link Format: Smith