Creating a Pass Signing Certificate

A pass certificate will allow you to digitally sign your Apple Wallet passes. In addition the certificate owner is required to add contact info on the back of each Pass. The contact info may include a physical contact address, email address and/or phone number. If the certificate owner is different from the brand then the contact info of both is required on the back of the pass. The following information should be used to generate your Apple Pass Signing Certificate.

Step-by-step instructions to create a ‘pass certificate’

1. Go to and click on “Member Center” on the top right corner.

2. Login with your credentials and then click on “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” section to visit this page. (If you do not already have an Apple Developer Account, you will need to register for one.)

certificates identifiers and profiles

3. Click on “Identifiers” under “iOS Apps” section.

4. In the left bar, click “Pass Type IDs” under “Identifiers” and then you see all the Pass Type IDs listed on the right. Now click on the [+] on the top right to add a new Pass Type ID to start registering for it.

5. Under “Register iOS Pass Type ID” type in the description which will describe what this Pass Type ID represents. Keep it brief and enough details to distinguish this Pass Type ID from your other IDs. ( You cannot use special characters such as @, &, *, ‘, “).

6. Type in the unique identifier for your Pass Type ID starting with the string “pass”. Identifier should use a “reverse-domain” name style ( i.e.,

7. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm your Pass Type ID information is correct and the click ‘Register’. Click ‘Done’ to look in the list for the newly created identifier.

8. Click on the newly created Pass Type ID and then click ‘Edit’ to start configuring a client SSL Certificate for this iOS Pass Type ID. Under Production Certificates section click on ‘Create Certificate…’ button. Read through the instructions under ‘About Creating a Certificate Signing Request’.

Create Certificate

9. Locate on your Mac the Applications > Utilities folder and then double click on the Keychain Access application to start.

10. Choose the main menu Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.

Certificate assistant

11. A new view will appear, fill the “User Email Address” and “Common Name”. We suggest that you use your Apple ID’s email and the description you used on Apple’s portal. Check Save to disk and click “Continue”. Choose a desired path where the file will be saved (Desktop for example).

12. Switch back to the browser and under Upload CSR file select the .certSigningRequest file that you saved to your Mac earlier and click on “Generate” ( and wait … ).

13. Click “Continue” and then click the “Download” button to download the certificate on to your Mac (save on Desktop) as pass.cer. The Certificate creation process is completed now and you can close the browser.

download certificate

14. Go to to download Apple World Developer Intermediate Certificate and save it your Desktop as WWDR.cer and close the browser. Locate the downloaded WWDR.cer file and double click to open it in the Keychain Access, and if you select the login Keychain and the Certificates Category, you’ll find this certificate. Export this as WWDR.pem and save it on your desktop.

15. Locate the downloaded pass.cer file and double click on it. Keychain Access will open and if you select the login Keychain and the Certificates Category, you’ll find the certificate with a prefix of Pass Type ID followed by the identifier you chose. Click on the little gray triangle to expand the certificate and unveil the private key. Select both the certificate and the private key. Choose the Menu File > Export Items.

16. Choose a location and a file name. Choose File Format Personal information Exchange (.p12) and click “Save”. Insert a password and verify it (Tip: This password is important and required for signing passes. Please save it with all the certificate and Pass Type ID information you gather at the end of the certificate creation process.).

17. Now you’ll be asked to insert the Password of your current account on your Mac. Click “Allow” or “Always Allow”.

password for certificate

Information required for setting up pass certificate

Please provide the following information to Skycore in order to setup your account.

i. Pass Type ID 
–Identifier and Description.

ii. Team ID 
-Member Center > Your Account > Team ID (Under Developer Account Summary).

iii. .p12 Certificate 
-Export certificate as .p12 from keychain access on MAC.

iv. WWDR.pem Certificate 
– Export WWDR.cer as WWDR.pem from keychain access on MAC.

v. Certificate Password
-Password that you set when trying to Export/Save p12 certificate on MAC

vi. Certificate Expiration Date
-Date on which this Certificate will expire.

vii. Contact Information that will go on back of their passes. 
-Example can be Contact Address, Email Address or Phone or ALL.

viii. Email address
-Pass Certificate expiration warning is notified 7 days ahead before it expires.

pass certificaiton

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