Card Templates

The Card Templates page is an area for storing and managing card templates that have been created within the Card Template Builder. A card template is an outline of how the card will appear. In cases where dynamic data is added to the card, the card template preview will display the default data.

Card template examples

Create Card Template ButtonThis button will bring you to the Card Template Builder page.
Card TemplateThe name, card category, and ID of the card template. The card template ID will be required when adding card data to the template or generating cards from the API.
SizeThe size of the card in KB (kilobytes).
PreviewClick the preview link to display a preview of the card template. The default data will serve as a placeholder for any dynamic data.
CreatedThe creation date of the card template.
BarcodeDisplay whether the barcode of the card is set to static or dynamic. When set to static, the barcodes of all generated cards will have the same fixed value. When set to dynamic, the barcodes of all cards are individually inserted upon generation. Dynamic data can be imported via API, CSV, or Dynamic URL.
Card DataThe total number of records. A record containscard data for a generated card.
URL KeysThe number of imported URL keys.
EditClicking the “Edit” link will open the template in the Card Template Builder so that it may be edited.
ReplicateCreate an exact copy of a card template. The new/replicated template will have its own unique card template ID. The replicated template will have the same name as the original template with the text “Copy” added to the end of it. Changes to the card template ID, name and other data can be made within the Card Template Builder by clicking the “Edit” link. Once replicated, changes to either the original template or to the replicated template will not affect each other.
[X]Delete a card template from the platform by selecting the box(es) of the card template(s) you want to remove and then selecting the delete button at the bottom of the page.

Card Templates FAQs

What is the difference between a preview of a ‘card template’ and a preview of a ‘card’?

A card template is an outline of how a card will appear, while a card is the actual file that is sent to your audience. The card template preview will show the card with the placeholder data, while the finalized card preview will show the actual data used for that card.

What happens when I edit a card template?

After an update is performed on a card template, card generated following the update will reflect the new version. Updating previously generated cards can be done in the ‘Card Campaign Manager.’

What happens when I delete a card template?

When a card template is deleted, it will no longer appear on the Card Templates page. New users will not be able to request this card, but those who have already received the card will still have access to it. You will still have control of the generated and installed cards in the ‘Manage Cards’ page.

Can I delete a card from a customer’s phone?

No. Once a card is delivered, you do not have the ability to delete the card from your customer’s phone. Only the device owner can uninstall the card. In order to make the card obsolete, you can apply an expiration date to the card within the ‘Advanced’ tab of the Card Template Builder. Another solution is updating the card with an empty barcode in the ‘Manage Cards’ section of the platform. You may want to notify card holders that support for their cards will be discontinued.

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