Card Campaign Manager

The Card Campaign Manager page is an area for storing card campaigns. Here you can create a campaign for a card update by importing new card data and scheduling card data updates.

Card Campaigns

Create Card Campaign

Campaign NameThe name of the campaign and the campaign ID.
CreatedThe date the campaign was created.
Card Template (To Update)The card template to update within the card campaign. Click the preview link to display a preview of the card template. The default data will serve as a placeholder for any dynamic data.
Scheduled UpdatesThis column displays the total number of pending, processing, and completed updates. You can click on each link to view more information on each update.
Schedule UpdateClicking the “Schedule” link will redirect you to the Card Scheduled Updates page, where you can import new card data and schedule updates.
Export Card DataClicking the “Export CSV” link will export all card data from the campaign to a CSV file for your convenience.
[X]Delete a card campaign from the platform by selecting the box(es) of the card campaign(s) you want to remove and then selecting the delete button at the bottom of the page.

Schedule a Card Update

1. Select the “Schedule” link for the card campaign which you want to update your card template. You will be redirected to the Card Scheduled Updates page.

Schedule mobile wallet card update

2. Select the “Schedule Update” button.

Schedule card update

3. Name your update and select which type of update you want to perform. If you choose to update to a new card template, then select the desired card template. Once you are finished, select the “Confirm & Save” button.

Save card template update

4. Your update will now appear in the Card Scheduled Updates page. Here you can see the name of the update, the template to update, and the new template to update. In this example, the “Update data within this template” option is selected, so it will display “Same Template”. If the “Update to new card template” option is selected instead, it will display the name of the new card template. The next step is to import new card data. Select the “IMPORT” link.

Import mobile wallet card update data

5. You will be redirected to the Scheduled Update Import page, where you can begin the card data import process.

Schedule update import

6. Once you have imported the new card data, a new link “Export” will appear. You can click the “Export” link to export the new card data to a CSV file for your convenience. Select the “Click to Schedule” link to schedule the date and time for your update.

Export and schedule mobile wallet card updates

7. Select the date, time, and timezone in which you want to perform the update. Note that if you selected a date and time that had already past, then the campaign will perform the update immediately after you approve the update (we will go over update approval in the next step). Then select the “Confirm and Save” button.

Schedule date and time

8. Notice that the scheduled date and time is now displayed. You can click the “Modify” link to update the date and time. Also notice that the status is changed from incomplete to pending. Once you select “Approved” in the Approval column, the update will automatically begin based on your scheduled date and time.

View and modify scheduled update

9. The update is now approved. You can click the “Back to Card Campaigns” link to check the status of your update.

Mobile wallet card campaign update status

10. Here you can see that the update is pending. Once the scheduled date and time has arrived, the update will begin processing. The time it takes for an update to go from pending to processing and completed will vary.

Scheduled card update status

11. And that is all for scheduling an update. Once the update is completed, you can select the “Updates Completed” link to check the status of the update.

Check scheduled car update status

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