Account Settings

The Account settings contain general information about your account, including branding information, invoice information, and export files that you can download when you have exported a list from within the platform. In order to access the Account settings, click on ‘Settings’ on the top right corner. You will then be redirected to the Account Info section of the Account settings. You can navigate to other sections of the Account settings on the left side of the page.

Account Info #

The Account Info section holds all the account’s general information.

UsernameThe username of the account.
EmailThe email address of the account. Note that you cannot change your account email address yourself. If you would like to change your email address, please contact your account manager.
DomainThe domain name for the account. If MMS content is delivered by SMS as a fallback, then this will be the domain used for the fallback link which will contain the MMS content.
Current PlanThe current plan for the account. To check for available plans for your account or change your current plan, visit the Change Plans section of the Billing settings.
Password / Confirm PasswordChange your password by entering your new password in the Password / Confirm Password fields.
Country / TimezoneSelect the country and timezone for your account. Your scheduled messages and reports will be based on your account timezone.
NotificationsCheck the “Receive Skycore Product Announcements via email” or “Receive Skycore Tips & Tricks via email” checkboxes to receive such emails from Skycore.

Once you are done, click the “Update” button to update your settings. Also on the bottom right corner of the page are two links:

  • Downgrade to Free Trial: If you are on an upgraded plan, this link will appear. Clicking this link will downgrade your account’s current plan to the free trial plan. Note that you can upgrade again at any time by contacting your account manager.
  • Delete This Account: Deleting your account will:
    • Cancel all scheduled messages.
    • Remove any credit card information.
    • Prevent new messages from being scheduled or delivered.
    • Block viewing of your landing pages.
    • Leave the audience, content, and campaign data intact. You will need to delete these manually.

Note that if you delete your account, you will be able to resume service anytime by logging in and selecting a messaging plan. Your message history will be archived for FCC compliance audits. If you have a remaining net balance on your account your credit card will be charged the balance before the card info is deleted.

Brand Info #

The Brand Info section displays the branding information of the account. The brand info may be used to identify you when sending messages on your behalf. You may only have one brand per account. Changes made here will affect all running campaigns in this account. The brand name is required.

Invoice Info #

The Invoice Info section displays the name and address of the company for which the invoice will be sent to. A purchase order or reference number can also be provided and will be included in the invoice if added.

CSV Exports #

The CSV Exports section lists all the files that have been exported within the platform. Such files may include your subscribed/unsubscribed audience members, messaging/email history, Wallet data, etc.

File NameThe name of the export file.
Export TypeThe type of export, such as audience members, history, pass data, etc.
StatusWhen you export a file, it may take some time to generate the file. The ‘Generating’ status will be displayed in this case. Once it is done, the ‘Completed’ status will be displayed afterward.
Date GeneratedThe date in which the export file is generated completely.
DownloadWhen the export file is generated completely, a download link will appear. You can click the link to download the export file.
[X]Select the checkbox for the export file you wish to delete and click the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of the page.