We offer a range of mobile marketing services.

Skycore has the most talented and trusted professional services team in the business. We provide agencies and brands with both consultative, administrative and development resources.

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What we do for you

We act as a consultative partner to agencies and brands for mobile marketing campaign strategy and campaign execution.  This typically means providing best practices to key stakeholders and filling the resource gaps where needed. This could be anything from an MMS coupon design to suggesting TCPA compliant message flows. Simply put, we are here to help guide your team to reach your goals.

How we do it

We can provide services on a retainer or per project basis. Typically these are invoiced monthly along with the platform fees and transaction fees from the previous month. Depending on the level of involvement we will schedule daily, weekly, or monthly meetings with stakeholders to review the work and go over the tasks to be accomplished before next meeting.

Why we do it

Over the years we’ve transitioned from a completely self-service provider to a hands-on consultative partner with both technology and services. We offer a self-service model for agencies with in-house expertise as well as a full service model for agencies or brands who prefer managed services.

Our account management team is very hands on.

Let our team schedule, monitor and generate reports for your campaigns.

Account management services

Account Management

Customers who use our account management services will be assigned a dedicated account manager to manage the day to day administrative tasks within their account. Our account managers are experts in both our platform and industry best practices. They coordinate with stakeholders to provide campaign setup, data exports, content changes, message testing as well as reporting on the results.

Schedule & Monitor Campaigns

As part of the account management offering, we will setup and schedule sms marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and mobile wallet campaigns. Your account manager will work with your internal team to ensure that each campaign is launched properly. As part of this process, we provide you with the ability to review and edit messaging before it is delivered to your customers. The account manager will perform tests prior to the start of the campaign, as well as monitor the campaign during scheduled deliveries.

Report Generation

Reports and statistics are a key component to measuring the success of a campaign. The account management team can generate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports depending on your needs. Reports can include:

  • Campaign Messaging Reports
  • Campaign Opt-in Reports
  • Individual Messaging Reports
  • Pass Generation/Installation Reports
  • Click-through Reports

Let us help you create your mobile marketing content.

Mobile devices support a variety of rich media formats that you can use to showcase your product or service. Due to the popularity of larger screen sizes it is important that your marketing content look amazing and keep your customers attention. We have an in-house marketing content creation team with experience producing rich media mobile content. We can produce graphic images for your coupons or mobile video content.

Content Creation

Our team will work alongside you and your design team to develop content for your mobile marketing campaigns.

Content we can help develop:

  • Static Images and Dynamic Images
  • Apple Wallet Passes
  • Opt-in Forms & Landing pages
mms marketing content creation services

Content Optimization

Throughout our platform you will find recommendations on what the optimal file size and file dimensions should be. These recommendations are to ensure that the highest quality content formats are delivered to your customers. If you do not wish to dedicate time optimizing your content you can request to have it optimized by Skycore. Our design team will optimize your content and test it in multiple devices.

Content we will optimize:

  • Images Files
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files

We will create a mobile marketing strategy that fits your budget.

It is important to know what has been done, what is possible, before you decide what should be done.

Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Define your goals and KPIs

We can help you define specific and measurable goals that are both achievable and realistic given your budget. We can show you how to measure your goals with our platform as well as advise you about integrations into other analytics platforms that can track additional KPIs.

Gather Market Research

Do you know how your market perceives mobile messaging or how your customers use their mobile wallet? Are you aware of what your competition is doing in mobile marketing?  We have third party partnerships that have put together detailed analysis of consumer behavior on mobile in various industries.

Executing a marketing strategy

Tailor the Messaging

We believe that sending the right message to the right people is the most impactful strategy. While timing is important, we believe the context and content of the message is going to drive the most significant ROI. We can help with your content strategy for both text and picture messages.

Track and Optimize

Campaign optimization is an ongoing process. We like to optimize by continually tracking and measuring results in frequent intervals. We will help define your initial strategy as well as ongoing optimizations that improve the KPIs targeted in our goals.

Know TCPA compliance law before you need a lawyer.

We know our business and can reduce your risk of TCPA litigation through our TCPA compliance service.

Know the TCPA law


The Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed into law in 1991. The TCPA regulates telemarketing calls, faxes, pre-recorded calls and autodialed calls. The FCC has ruled that text messages sent by automated systems are ‘automated calls’ and are therefore are subject to the TCPA. The FCC has thereafter made a series of interpretative rulings and guidance in 2013 and again in 2015 in regards to text messaging services and marketing. With TCPA law continually changing it is important to have a partner who can assist you staying compliant.

TCPA Compliance

Clear & Conspicuous Disclosure

The FCC has mandated that certain disclosures be presented to the customers in a ‘clear and conspicuous’ manner. The customer must be aware that they will receive future autodialed text messages on behalf of a specific company on a particular phone number and that their consent is not a condition of purchase. We can help you understand where these terms need to be disclosed to your customers and how they should be presented so that they are unambiguous. We can also let you know when these laws are applicable to your sms communication campaigns and what use cases the FCC has exempted.

Express Written Consent

As of December 2013, the FCC has mandated that all businesses obtain prior express written consent for all autodialed or pre-recorded text messages sent or made to a wireless number for advertising or telemarketing purposes. It is no longer acceptable to simply have a prior business relationship. We can help you understand whether you require express written consent or whether your prior express written consent is valid.