MMS campaigns are an effective mobile marketing channel. Here at Skycore we are often asked if MMS content is displayed the same across various platforms. The answer is “NO, MMS is not displayed the same across the various operating systems.” Therefore, it is important for brands and agencies to understand exactly how consumers view the MMS marketing content they are planning to deliver. Unlike other channels where the message is displayed in a standardized way, MMS campaigns vary based on the MMS Inbox / Device client which the manufacturer has installed on the phone.

MMS on various phones

According to analysis done by Nielsen for Quarter 4 of 2011, the top manufactures of smartphones are Android, Apple® and Blackberry. These three operating systems account for over 91% of US smartphone users with Android at 46.3%, Apple at 30% and Blackberry at 14.9%.

We have decided to put together a small set of screenshot examples to show you how MMS content might be viewed by your consumers across specific operating systems for Android, iPhone®, and Blackberry.

To test Android, Skycore used the HTC EVO 3D (OS 2.3)

What MMS looks like on different phones

To test Apple, Skycore used the iPhone 4 (iOS 4)

What MMS looks like on Apple iPhone 4

To test Blackberry, Skycore used the Blackberry Curve 9360 (OS 7)

What does MMS look like on a Blackberry phone

For more information on how you can create an MMS marketing campaign please visit Skycore’s Messaging Tools.