View unconfirmed SMS opt-ins and filter segments

view unconfirmed sms opt-ins

The Update

Skycore platform has added two new features to the SMS/MMS Campaign manager: 1. “Deport Numbers” button, 2. “Unconfirmed Numbers” button.

Benefits of the update

The “Deport Numbers” feature allows account holders to unsubscribe multiple numbers at once from a campaign by uploading a CSV. You can consider deporting numbers the opposite function of importing numbers. Prior to this feature, an account holder had to manually search and remove unsubscribes. This made scrubbing a list difficult in bulk. Now the account holder has to ability to upload a .csv, .tsv, or .tab file of numbers which they want to unsubscribe and “deport” these numbers from a campaign.

Most campaigns require some sort of double opt-in by the consumer. With the new “Unconfirmed Numbers” tab view, account holders can see phone numbers that have attempted to opt-in but have not replied YES to the opt-in request message. This allows account holders to see how many customers have not completing the opt-in process. It also allows customers who are collecting web form data with their opt-ins to export this other data for analysis.

How does it work

The “Deport Numbers” button will allow users to unsubscribe phone numbers in bulk. Removed numbers will no longer show up on the “Subscribed tab”; they will be displayed on the “Unsubscribed” tab.

Unconfirmed opt-in’s to a campaign will show on “Unconfirmed” tab. Replying “Yes” to the confirmation SMS would transfer the phone number from the “Unconfirmed” tab to “Subscribed” tab.

SMS Campaign manager view