Skycore Adds Inbound Video MMS So Marketers & Enterprises Can Receive, Respond to Video & Photo Submissions From Consumers & Customers

BOSTON, MA–(Oct 12, 2012) – Skycore LLC, a leading mobile marketing SaaS platform provider of rich media messaging, mobile email, and mobile landing pages, has today announced offering inbound video MMS submissions for marketers & enterprises to receive, moderate & respond to content submitted by consumers from both smartphones & feature phones. This new feature compliments Skycore’s existing service for photo submissions via MMS.

Applications include photo contests sponsored by marketers and remote customer support by enterprises. Although photo submission via the internet is already popular, doing so requires apps and an Internet connection. Skycore’s offering instead uses inbound MMS which is available on almost every US mobile phone and doesn’t require downloading an app or paying for a data plan.

“It is a simple, two-step engagement process,” said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC. “Consumers take a picture or a short video and send it like a text message to a short code, whether from a smartphone or feature phone. Prior to this, they needed to go to an app store, find the app, download the app, launch the app, register, take a picture, and click to send. With inbound MMS we’ve streamlined the process.”

Skycore’s clients can also set up a series of auto-responses via text or multimedia message, letting the consumer know their submission was received and to deliver content back to their mobile device.

About Skycore LLC

Skycore LLC, a Boston-based mobile service provider since 2003, helping brands, agencies & enterprises leverage mobile marketing services such as mobile email, mobile messaging, and mobile commerce.