The Update

We have added two optional validation rules to our MMS Inbox system. The first rule provides you with the ability to enforce what type of content is required to be submitted. You can  require an image, a video, or image or video with text required.   The second validation rule provides you with the ability to enforce text validation. You can add a “Regular Expression” to this field to validate something specific.  If either rule is broken, you are  able to send an custom response (SMS or MMS) informing the sender that their submission was invalid. Once the incoming message has passed validation, it will trigger the normal workflow as before.

Benefits from the Update

This feature update will enable brands or enterprises to control the type of submissions they accept. It allows them to reply with specific instructions if the submission does not contain what is expected. By informing users that their submission was invalid, it will give the user the opportunity to resubmit a valid MMS.

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